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Knee and elbow pads recommendation - stand alone or integrated with pants?

Hey all,

I bought some cheap knee and elbow pads years ago. They work OK but slip off sometimes.

I'm considering getting pants with built in knee pads but the ones I see seem to be speedball pants and don't look too sturdy. And they are expensive

Also considering a better set of stand alone knee/elbow pads.

I'm woodsballing right now.

Any thoughts/recommendations ?

Thanks !

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I have some knee and shin pads and I wear them with my padded paintball pants on occasion in the woods. It just depends on how hot it is and if I don't feel like bashing my knees n shins on the roots, rocks, branches and bunkers. I say get them, your body will thank you and you can make the choice to wear em or not. Even with padded pants, they wont protect you nearly as much as some good knee pads. If you don't believe me, ask my left knee. That hidden rock sure did a number on me 10 years ago and my knee has never been the same. The padding on the pants probably helped a little but nothing I can do about it now but protect the other knee.

I always wear my elbow pads, I can actually low crawl without tearing my self up.

I have some old dye elbow pads (2010?) but the Exalt T3 and FreeFlow pads were comfortable when I tried em on.

The knee/shin pads I use is the Empire 2011 Grind pads. If you are playing in the woods, I suggest a knee/shin combo for obvious reasons.
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The biggest problem I have is my bony knees tend to wear out the padding on knee pads pretty quick. The best pads I've found for longevity (and they also don't trap much heat which is great) are Mcdavid "hex" sports pads. You can get a fairly long version for your knees that also help protect your shins a bit.

I've tried Dye kneepads, and they were amazing for a few months then the gel padding wore out.

I've tried cheaper volleyball kneepads and mountain bike "contact" kneepads and they worked great for a couple weeks and then the padding wore out.

I bought a pair of GI Sportz' new kneepads (think they're called "Race?") and the inner padding wore out within two uses. Contacted the company and they replaced them and the new ones seem to be holding up well. But I find that I get some chafing on the sides of my knee where the fabric bunches up.

I think I'm going to stick with the Mcdavid from now on. They don't offer as much padding as the GI Sportz, but they are cooler to wear and they don't chafe at all.
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Depending on specifically how much coverage you want for the knee shin area look at KALI, FOX, or G-FORM - pretty much any paintball specific elbow/forearm pads will do some "fit" better than others but they all mostly work as intended

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Kali mt bike knee pads! Much better quality than any of pb pads I've seen. Can be found well under $50.
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Irun empires neoskin slider pants under my pb pants. They don't move at all, as long as you have a shirt to tuck in to the waist band are comfortable all day long

Dedicated knee pads would probably offer a little more protection but if you are not diving and sliding into every single bunker these do pretty good. On the expensive side, around $100 and you must wear pb pants or at least something sturdy over them

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Planet eclipse pads. I wouldn't count on only padded clothing

Especially if you plan on sliding more. Harden up
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I was debating getting some of these Adidas ones to replace my 10 year old cheapo volleyball ones.
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I'm going to pick up some of these to try.
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I picked up some Asics slider volleyball pads on Amazon for about 12 bucks this year and so far they have been great. I have yet to experience them slide down, twist, or stretch out. They are thicker than "paintball" pads, but I can wear non-padded pants and still feel nothing while playing from my knees.
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