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universal speed feeds

I got a GenX Global speed feed to go with my Halo. There's no lip built in to grab the lip on the hopper opening. The thing slid off every game i tried it with, and yes i used the tightening screw get what you pay for i guess, it was less than $5.


I've been looking at other brands like Exalt and HK and I can't find this detail.

Anyone have a universal speed feed they prefer?
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Originally Posted by Wokaloo View Post

Anyone have a universal speed feed they prefer?
Yes, the non- universal type

In my experience those universal ones, universally suck. You are only going to use the speed feed on one hopper anyway, just get one that is meant to fit it

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Universal means its original halo sized which means it also fits pinokios and i think original rotors.

I like hk speed feeds best. Paint doesnt fall out but theyre soft enough that a single ball can get past them.
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Did anyone ever make one to fit Revy's?
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^ good question, lid on my revvy broke ages ago
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Exalt universal speedfeed never let me down. Wrap of electrical tape around the mouth helped keep things snug
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The exalt one has been good for Revies and Halos
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