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Hi, I'm back! ...sort of.

Hi, I guess with the way the sport has changed so much in the past fifteen years and the fact that I have been away from the sport that long, me thinks that makes me a newbie again.

I used to own wooden stocked rifle that was converted to hopper feed and big tank by a friend who worked at a field called Orion Paintball. I also owned a nelspot 007 that was really nice except that it always tried to rust on me. Both of those are long gone now. I think they were stolen or lost.

I just started playing again this past year. It all happened when I was shopping at Walmart and I heard my name. When I looked to see who was calling my name, I didn't recognize the guy, but he knew me. When I knew this guy, he was a scrawny pipsqueek of a kid (who got picked on a lot on the field) that started playing paintball with a bunch of us (and the funny stories we have in common). Of course, he isn't a pipsqueek anymore.

We got talking about the old days and I said I hadn't played in 15 years. We exchanged email and phone numbers. A couple weeks later, I get this email. I was invited to come out with him to go play some paintball at Clarion University. I was shocked to see how different the sport had become. I never saw so much paint flying at one time. The following week, I was invited back out to participate in a private booking with a wrestling team from Clarion, which I didn't hesitate to join. From there on, I had the paintball bug. I've played 8 times since then.

In all honesty, I have no clue what to buy when it comes to equipment. I'm not even sure with car loan repayments, mortgage, and bills what my budget is. But I do have some questions that maybe some of you can help me answer.

1. What is the best and most reliable semi auto? (I've never owned one).

2. What is the best semi for the money?

3. The kid that got me back into this sport does custom work on his guns and I mean a lot of custom work. Is custom work really necessary on a paintball gun? I personally am not mechanically inclined, and I've been warned to stay away from airsmiths because they mess up your gun or run away with it and the deposit.

4. Is a pistol necessary?

5. What are the best places to play at in Western, Pa? I don't thing Orion Paintball still exists.


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Depending on how north you are in western PA, you may be close to GRC Paintball in Belfast, NY.

As far as a good reliable semi auto, you still can't go wrong with a Tippmann (a name which I'm sure you recognize from the old days). Tippmann 98 Customs are easy to come by for a good price.

I would also recommend Kingman Spyders. The new MR1 they have out has been getting good reviews and I've used one before so I can say they're also good and durable.

Welcome back to the sport, good luck!

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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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yep, things have changed a bit, welcome back to this brave new world! First off, are you willing to stick with a mech, or are you thinking you wanted something that can shoot more paint in a minute then you did some days (or most)? Alot of the guys here still play stock class, pump, or mech semi; it can be done, but its a little different. Thats the first thing to ask. The good thing is, most guns out of the box these days aren't too bad, and while there are upgrades, theres not much that really is desperately needed. True custom work is a rarity, and is not needed. if your thinking of staying low budget, tippmann is still a good name, and they are the most rifle like with the exception of going high dollar palmers or some of the scenario options. Best and most reliable though, you can ask 100 people whats best and get 150 answers.
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answering your questions in order....

1. AGD Automag (pick a flavor)

2. AGD Automag (as above)

3. No, custom work is nice, and there are some good airsmiths out there, but you have to shop around; custom work is not needed though.

4. Pistols are nice, if you play scenario type paintball and have the fear of being caught reloading/out of paint during a long scenario game. They are not 'needed' for most play, they are however, fun as all getout to play with by themselves.

5. Isn't EMR located in western PA?
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Originally Posted by Walking_Target View Post

5. Isn't EMR located in western PA?
nah, North East. Near Scranton.

edit: Warpig is a good place to check for fields. here's their list for PA

WARPIG - World And Regional Paintball Information Guide

looks like you've got a good selection in west PA including Three Rivers which I've heard of before.
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Hi and welcome back to paintball!

You absolutly can play paintball on the cheep- loans, bills, families etc don't keep half the people away.

Like Wolf13 said everything really is down to personal preference with what is the best. Honestly, if you don't want one, you really don't HAVE to play with a semi either. I had the fun this summer playing with what you described to be your old gun (not the same gun obviously) still in side tube form and the Duck (glorified nelspot).

If you want to get a semi, I'd reccommend starting off with something from tippman like a 98 Custom, or A5 or whatever they have out now. Don't worry about going too nuts price wise, they usually turn up in the Buy/Sell/Trade section pretty frequently.

Custom stuff is fun. It's nice to be able to get something unique done to your paintball gun; however, I'm the first to admit you really do NOT need to drop hundreds of dollars on customizing. As long as you are going to play for fun, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd see if your mechanically friend can show you the basic way to take apart and clean your gun (whatever you end up with), but if the thing shoots it's all good.

I don't think anyone really NEEDS a pistol- again, they're fun to play with, and you could carry it as a just in case measure. I do know some folks use 007s or splatmasters as a just in case measure for some games. So it could be done on the cheep.

I'm sure the guys will give you some good suggestions in Western PA, there's a whole bunch in the New England area!

Again, welcome back to the game! Keep asking questions- and I hope you get out to play with everyone. We love more company!
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I'm going to agree with the above-a Tippman 98C will give a lifetime of ballistic gelatin hurling. There's a few things like the barrel you'll want to upgrade, and there's dozens of other things you can get for them, but they don't really need much.

There's another company that splintered from Tippman called BT that sells basically identical products, so that's another option.

Play awhile, try other people's stuff, and hook up with as many MCB'ers as you can. There's lots of them in your area.

And don't bother going to other paintball-related forums, this one's the best and most mature.
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I'd see what the other players are using before buying a new/used marker.
I personnally would not want to "outgun" the others nor would I want something too entry level to have fun.
Meaning if everyone is using electros , a base model Spyder will not be fun for the new guys.

I usually play using a pump with Tippmann class toters so I feel comfortable.
We've played in local speedball tournies with pump guns also. We were outgunned but not outplayed.

As far as "Custom Work" it usually means removing a perfectly good part to replace it with another part of almost equal quality/ performance but in a different color.
There are few true custom shops left.
Most new, quality markers work fine out of the box.

Pistols are a personal preference kind of thing and not too commonly used.
You are at a disadvantage in both range and firepower.

Why not join us at EMR's Spring Castle ( 26 Apr New Milford, PA just north of Scranton on 81N) and try some different style markers?
Everyone will agree that it is a fun time.
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Keep in mind that plenty of people still play with pumps.
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indeed, pumps rock, my lever action Traccer is almost done now
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