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Etek 1/2/3 in 2019?

Iím wondering if the etek 1/2/3 are still viable/up to par in 2019. How do they perform compares to more recent guns? Are there still parts available for them?

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Most electros from about 2004+ are going to be pretty competitive.

There may be some variance in weight, but they’re pretty much all going to have clamping feednecks, high ROF, eyes, etc...
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Parts will be available, but harder to find. Performance should be similar and definitely competitive, but won't be quite as pleasant to shoot.
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They perform well enough, but are significantly louder than most current offerings. The eteks as a whole have held up pretty well over time and short of some super brittle paint will keep up at the current speeds without issue.
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Originally Posted by dano_____ View Post
but are significantly louder than most current offerings.
I realized this last year when I used a Gmek with the rest of my team who were mostly shooting Eteks.

I've been using an Etek 3 since it came out for scenario and occasionally rec play. (And I used the 1 and 2 with Starframes before that)

Most of the parts are just Eclipse o-rings.
Etek's 1-3 all use the same solenoid
If you rummage around on ebay over time you can get examples of every part you could conceivably need. Or a part's gun to strip for parts.

My whole scenario team shot them and even the technologically challenged on our team never had any problems with them. Several of my team mates prefer their Etek 2s over the later ones we got.
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All of my egos currently:

The etek 1 (silver bottom right) looks huge in comparison to the others but it's mostly the angle - I love the etek 1 and its super comfy although not as tiny as the other egos around it - In the end, all you're holding is the reg and trigger frame on any gun anyway. It's a great reliable shooter. I do also use it for 10.2 & 10.5 ramping as well!

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