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When I was looking to buy my first marker (circa 1995), everyone had Spyders. The guy at the only shop in my area touted them as "The 5-oh Mustang of paintball - bone stock they're great and there's almost no end to the available upgrades". However, talking to some other players made me second guess the accuracy of the first part. It seems back then, they shipped them bone dry. I later learned that the shop owner personally disassembled and properly lubed each one he sold after getting a couple dozen back in because they tore o-rings and leaked out of the box.

But, back to the topic...I wasn't crazy about the Spyder and bought a Pro-Lite, which I still have to this day. Since then, I've owned one (or more) of just about every type of mechanical marker, and found that "domestics" seem to be of a higher quality and therefore have been more reliable. Tippmanns are still put together pretty well, but I really think the smallest manufacturers out there are putting out the best products. Namely, CCI and PPS. I've owned two Phantoms and neither has every let me down. I've also owned two Blazers and they never let me down without their failure being my own fault (read: if you take apart a Blazer completely, make sure you have the assembly diagram handy or you will screw something up). Sadly, I'm without any PPS goodness in my arsenal right now, but I'm thinking of trying out a Pyre as I've resigned myself to pump play for a year or two to regain some perspective and save some money.
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You'll find here at MCB there's a lot more knowledge flying around, instead of the pissing contests you get on PB****** and the like. The special ops forum isn't bad at all, either. SO's great for tippys, mags, pumps, maybe Electros though I don't know; I don't shoot them. And there are some pretty cool guys over there. But here, this is the fount of knowledge my friend, and you picked a good place to come.
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