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I think someone has misinterpreted what i meant. I will never ever tell someone to buy a spyder marker ever. Must get img out of my head. Sorry but it has been my experience spyders don't hold up well and are poorly machined on the inside. All fluff and no stuff.

As far as I would suggest i,d steer ya to some thing like a Buzzard or a Comp even an old Line SI BushMaster good solid markers all or maybe something from Mr Orr though i,d stay away from the lower end of the line.

Go wade through the B/S/T forums and see what you can find and then go talk to your local airsmith and give him a chance to find what your looking for remember you may want someplace to go for help. The shops i deal with all back with labor what they sell.

Just a side note i happen to own a Termite as made by Termite Smith from AZ. He at some point sold the rights to it to (this is what was relayed to me from Richy Travis just ask if ya need to) Mr Carter's shop after a young men whom he was apprenticing (or as i understand it Mr Carter helped him to complete his apprenticeship after ThunderPig pasted away) had shot it.
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it you want simple with unlimited path to make it unique tippmann is the way to go.
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If they like autocockers, steer them towards the Trilogy. Dependable little guns and they are modular enough so that they can make it their own with "upgrades". Plus, when they "graduate" to something else, they will probably have a compatible barrel kit already.
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