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I have a Phantom
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Paintball Guns & Markers at has been good to me.
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Hot Shot Paintball

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I'd also recommend them ^. The site is owned by one guy, and he provides great service.
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Post Whore
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For pump stuff I go to

But frankly I buy more stuff here at MCB than anywhere else!
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Here is my feedback thread:
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Location: Oakville, Ontario - I got my E-Vents and Proto pants from them. I love this store. - I got my jersey, gloves, and pack from there. Also a great store. - got some random small stuff there, macro line and fittings and the like. Decent store I guess. - Canadian version of Wevo, basically. Great service.

Those are the ones I've used.


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Send a message via AIM to Cunha Send a message via MSN to Cunha Send a message via Yahoo to Cunha / actionvillage really is a good place. froogle stuff for good deals. Most navigatable sites are decently reputable. has a lot of good stuff. Especially macroline components. airsoldier is probably my first pick for whatever they happen to have.
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I like Doro a lot. Normally gets to me in 2 days, great customer service. There's always someone on the line and they return emails fast. They also have stock class gear, tubes, 12 grams, etc.

If you have a local store, support it! Buy stuff!
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i've had great dealings with actionvillage and Doro paintball.
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Thrillin' Heroics
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Here's my Canadian store list:
Adreneline Paintball Proshop
All 4 Paintball
Alter Ego Sports (Also deals in mountain biking and snowboarding and such)
Badlands Paintball
Bastion Paintball
Banshee Paintball
Bruces Online
Boundary Paintball
Canadian Paintball-Not the best experience. I ordered a slide check, and it arrived late and looked used. Good prices, but service is a bit dissapointing.
Dodge This Paintball
Domus Silvae
Emalkabes Paintball
Flag Raiders
Forest City Surplus
Great White North Paintball Great prices, and the best customer service EVER.
Hardcore Paintball
Hopperz Paintball
Horizon Paintball (Deals only in pumps)
Impact Proshop (In French)
Odyssee Paintball (In French)
Ottawa Paintball
Outbreak Sportz-My local store 2/3rds of the time. Good selection, great service in-store. I've never dealt with the online, though. Paintball-Another set of amazing stores. Great service, HUGE selection, fast shipping.
Paintball Adventures
Paintball Paradise
Pakheat Paintball Supply
Panther Paintball
Premium Paintball Products
SMT Paintball
Splat Central
Splat Entertainment
Splatter Paintball
Rapid Fire Paintball
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