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I have played Xball in the PSP and I play in a local league now. The way our current local format works is you have 2 20 min halfs, 10 minutes in btwn.

You play for 2 minutes to eliminate the other team and take the flag to their end. A coach (who can also direct plays during the game) can throw in a towel to stop the clock and concede the point if his/her team is about to lose or cant win while the other team is ahead and stalling to eat up the remaining time. You then have two minutes to get your next line of 5 players ready, they play for 2 min or until the point is awarded, 2 min break, next line etc. Switch ends at the half. Penalties are taken for wiping, playing on, overshooting, etc and players serve time in a box or are ejected from teh match forcing their team to play shorthanded. Ramping is allowed with a 15 bps cap. Our two lines = 10 guys go through 8-10 cases a match for about an hours worth of play which is actually like a full practice condensed into an hour.

I have played 10 man , 7 man, and xball in the NPPL and PSP and they all have their fun points. I really enjoyed 10 man but if you get shot out early, you sit and wait forever plus you might only get to step on the field 8 times in a tourney. At least with xball, you might be out there 20 or 30 times.

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X-Ball is the creation of two guys from New York City with too much time on their hands. You may recognize them as Bif and Tad, X-Ball Tonite announcers extraordinaire.
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So is it some patented field and game structure?

I like the idea of longer more endurance matches of 60 or even 90 minutes. It means that it requires an athlete to be competative. Pretty cool idea there. Makes a bunch of short games one game that really matters.
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Man, athleticism in a 20 min match would be hard enough for us front guys. I play a very aggressive front if the field even resembles speedball (otherwise I'm a sneaky, slow-moving type). I can pull 5 miles in just over half an hour, and wrestle 7 to 9 minute matches, and I get exhausted in a single 5 minute speedball game sometimes. Diving into bunkers, dodging paint (literally!), hurdling a teammate in my way on a flag run (only happened twice so far...), and sliding through on a bunker move takes a lot outta me. Of course, back guys don't need so much athleticism... I suppose if subs are allowed (which they are, right?) a team with 3 back men who play most games and 7 front/ mid players to rotate would work...

Pump X-ball would be INSANE though. Less firepower, more movement... lighter guns and loads... It would be like watching a football team running suicides, all day.
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Originally Posted by seobeglobal View Post
X-Ball is the creation of two guys from New York City with too much time on their hands. You may recognize them as Bif and Tad, X-Ball Tonite announcers extraordinaire.

X-Ball was created by Richmond Italia of ProCaps Intl. (Diablo/Draxxus/DXS) in Montreal.
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I play speedball but i noticed you said you know the rules of hyperball. What exactly is hyperball?
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DerDer has a new DVD out called Xplained :the Xball training DVD you should check it out

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I'm thinking the same thing as most members here, Pump X-Ball would be insane, I have to try this on a pump day but since there aren't many pump players in Montreal (Montreal is home to lots of AGG kiddies unfortunately).
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Yeah, pump Xball would be sooooo neat! Semi would be fun too but cost too much in paint. Wow, Im gonna have to have my field do this sometomes!
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pump xball would be nuts. AT'd pumps everywhere. another neat idea would be stock class xball but it'd probably be a bitch to clean up the spent 12ies and all the tubes afterwards

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