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doglb 09-23-2006 09:23 PM

Need some advise/opinions!!
Well I am not really new the sport, play alot of pump. However looking to pick up a semi for fun, I play whatever...

Anyways if you had to choose out of these choices, what would you pick and why??

oldschooldave 09-24-2006 01:33 AM

i chose the mini cocker.i have a few mags and other markers but my main gun is a 97 autococker ive been using since i bought it in 98 used. i have added some upgrades . i just dont like depending on a battery and electronics. good old fashion pneumatics. ive heard mixed stories on cockers depends on the person i guess. i have not had trouble with mine. once you have it timed you should be good. i have hardly had to fool with it unless i change certain parts. when i changed my gripframe and my pneumatics i had to re adjust the timing, and once you know how it works timing is not really that hard. cockers just look complex to someone who is new to them.i have a friend who bought an old cocker that was out of whack. him and some other guys tried to fool with it for a couple of days but couldnt get it to work.he brought it to me and we had it shooting like a champ in no time. i showed and explained what i was adjusting to help him understand how to do it. he has had the cocker for about a year now and really likes it.he recently had replaced the pneumatics and timed it himself.

Chaos 09-24-2006 01:44 AM

Either of the cockers are good choices,I'd stay as far away from a B2K4 as possible unless you're ready to spend alot to keep it running.....They can be a headache.I have no experience with Shockers at all so I'll reserve comment on them.
Honestly though I'd say save your money and put it towards a PPS Blazer,you wont be sorry.

Titus 09-24-2006 02:01 AM

PPS Blazer, hands down

Frontier_Bill 09-24-2006 05:31 AM

I'd say the fishbone, mainly because my only 'cocker experience is with a full size 'cocker, and the fishbones are cool. However, I have heard that the fishbones are fragile.. is this true?

Target 09-24-2006 11:00 AM

Although I don't play too often, I usually play with a Sniper.
I have a MicroMag, a B2K Bushy, another Sniper/ Cocker, a STBB (Joker).

Being used to the trigger on the Sniper, I have problems with the Bushy and the Mag. Both are set way to sensitive for my clumbsy fingers and I've had "issues" at the chrony. Let's just say its a good thing that they have it netted in.

Do you have HPA? The Bushy needs it.
What pump do you have? Get something with matching barrels threads if possible.

I too desire to try a Blazer. I'd like to trade my Mag for one.
Hopefully, someone at Castle will let me shoot a few rounds.


Brewtt 09-24-2006 11:14 AM

Blazer... wait... no choice in the poll for a Blazer?

Shame shame.

Blazer over all.

Azzy 09-24-2006 11:20 AM

Bah Blazer.. buy a cocker and then you can fix it yourself. Barrels are easier to get, you can customize it a million ways without turning it onto a new car payment.

I say the fishbone. Ive ehard issues with teh lower tubes leaking, but if it is solid, they look good and a full length cocker will have parts availible to it as long as paintball exists.

hmudd13 09-24-2006 02:29 PM

Cuz I don't have one!!!

Tescrash 09-24-2006 11:49 PM


Anyways, Cocker ftw. I've never messed with the Fishbones, but Mini's are nice. They win in the pretty factor too.

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