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Originally Posted by Kevin Barr View Post
Thanks - he purchased an Ion last night. I advised him the same as we see here but he has decided after researching it himself that it was really what he wanted. I am not really sure what the criteria was but he wanted the Ion. I think he bought it because it has the potential to really spray paint around. I guess time will tell if he likes it or not.

I'm sure he'll be happy with it until the first time he takes it apart
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Thus one of the many reasons for me liking VM-68's .

Durable as all heck

the feel of a real gun, weight wise

easy to maintain

cheap to buy

upgradeable any way you want it, Mill-slim, Flashy, I have even seen some upgraded to electro pneumatics

Plus when you pull one out of the gear bag with newer players standing around, They are all intrigued as to what it is.
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same thing with automags,

with a 12oz tank, and an evoII on it, it weighs almost as much, or more, than many of the bolt-action rifles i have used.

the other nice thing about mags, while they might like their oil, with a dead stock lvl 7 mag, you will have to do serious maintenance once in a blue moon.

oh, and my favorite thing about my stock mag; i can toss it in the gearbag, let it sit for six months or more, and pull it out and it will still work the same as it did when i threw it in there - i've heard credible stories of people throwing one in a closet 'five or six years ago' and upon pulling it out it still worked.
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Let him play with his Ion a few times, then loan him one of yours for comparison... I always ask people at the field if I can try their markers out, and most folks are more than happy to oblige. In fact, they can be a little flattered...

Anyway, regardless of a first marker choice (not saying it's bad), we always welcome new players to the sport.... if he's serious enough to buy a marker, he's probably going to be around for a little while... hope to see y'all on the field (and hopefully you don't see me until it's too late)
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Originally Posted by Ramous View Post
But what it all comes down to is if your having fun. If your not having fun playing against people using full auto with a pump, then switch to a semi; fun is the only thing that really matters in paintball.
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
rub their little faces right in their own piss while yelling NO NO NO as loud as you can while smacking them on the back of the head.
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It is hard to beat the M98 for an entry-level 'gun. It's low price and durability make it tough to pass up as a first 'gun for someone on a budget.

However, I too have been converted to the AGD way of thinking. Yeah, you spend more than other budget 'guns but it really is a great choice. I haven't owned my 'Mag for very long (compared to others around here) but wouldn't trade it - ever. It just feels right in my hand and shoots well - always.
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My big suggestion is to learn how to clean your new gun. I see so many people that are having problems with their gun because they have never cleaned it. It should be taken apart and cleaned every game or at the least, every other game.
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