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Maturity level trumps age.

Seen mature 8 year olds hold their own AND adults who just shouldn't be allowed to play due to pure immature idiocy.
Dabbling in the recreational paintball arts since 1991.
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I bunker my 9 yr old stepson all the time, cuz I have mad paintball skills

In reality, we just shoot targets together in the backyard. He's really good with safety (which is awesome) and he's a pretty good shot too.

He often asks when he'll be ready to play paintball. Because of his size (he's pretty small for his age), I tell him that he has to be atleast 12. Our local field has "young gun" days where it's kids vs. kids -- that would be the way I want his first real game to go. No 17yr old jackass with a Shocker lighting everyone up.
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old ?

I started my son at 9 and he is now 15 1/2 and when he first started i just let him go...he was scared for a time, but now he plays div1 paintball and won world cup last year.
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My son started at 9 but was built like a 11 or 12 year old so size wasn't an issue. I know he could take the pain somewhat and told him if he got hit and it hurt real bad just keep your mask on and keep to the edge of and people (if he was crying he would be more upset if people knew he was crying) and wait till he composed himself. It only happened a few times and one was a groin hit.
I got him the full JT helmet and a thermal lens and good gloves and knee-shin pads. Taking a hit wasn't too bad for him.
Now another thing to consider is who he will be playing with, outlaw with friends or a field with "pros". We play on private land (with permission of course) with a group of generally good guys and gals, who would control themselves and not overshoot a younger player. At a local field ( our fields have a starting age of 10) I would be worried about ramping and overshooting. The one field owner is good about setting aside one field for the younger players and rental groups, and the bunkering rule is usually enforced if the kids call for it.
I have seen a few 16 year old cower behind cover at the sound of paintballs and a few 12 year olds charge up the field with no fear.
The latest APG has a article about fear of getting hit that is not too bad to help train players to get used to taking hits.
Get a small game together and make sure everyone is aware of a younger player involved and go easy on him at first, hopefully should help get the fear out of the way.
Let him watch from the sideline and make sure he understands the rules and what goggles on and barrel wraps mean.
Most importantly make sure he wants to play, not just because you want your son or kid brother to play. Every child is going to handle playing differently, and may or may not like it or want to keep playing.
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