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ya thats a shame
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As a parent, I have my children treat the markers the same way as fire arms, safety, safety!
Next is sportsmanship, if I get hit I call out good shooting, especially the young, many are fearful the first time, being 47, I make it a point to promote the game to the young, I also have loaner markers and let people interested in the different markers try out the several different markers I have, alot of parents ask me questions about the game and equimpment and what marker would be good for their child.
I tell most parents before buy marker, use the rental markers a couple of times before dishing out a 200 for a marker package, most important thing to buy them is a good mask, make sure it fits and they have good vision and hearing while it is on.
When it comes to markers, I suggest a Tippman, they are the AK47 of paintball, they can take a beating, all kinds of upgrades and they can make it custom to their hearts' desire, and resale is no issue when they quit the sport, they can recoupe some of the money back.
I also suggest for the parent to play or older brother or sister, paintballing is like fishing, every telling of the story it gets bigger, and it is someting they can share together.
My son that plays the most started with a Tippmen 98, then an Impulse with Vision and now has a Bob Long Spieces Timmy, he is 13. I do draw the line at my cockers It makes me feel good when he helps other young players.
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Bringing on newbie kids..... I usually take a few hits eventho I would have a shot advantage over them...... They get so excited that they were able to shoot me....

I make sure the kids have fun but def safety 1st!
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Yeah.. even though I'm a kid myself my parents are all safety... especially my mom, she was always freaked out about barrel tanks. But now that I'm older i try to hit the noobs in less painfull places, and always take time to explain stuff to the renters to help them be better players, or make sure that they're safe. Just today we had an incident where a player almost lost an eye because she took her mask off ... getting off topic here but when I see kids younger than me or people obviously first time playing if they do not have their own equipment or still kinda just emit newbie aura like unsureness with the brand new gun and all that.. I always take the time. I'm not saying I'm a pro player, and I'm far from that, I just want my fellow players to be safe.
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Few Tips

Here are few things I would consider for the first time at the paintball field:

If you are anticipating your first time paintball adventure ever, this will shed light on some of the key things that will help you become mentally and physically prepared. You will also have an idea of what to expect from the game and to make sure that there are no unnecessary surprises.

Your wardrobe: 
 It is important to make sure you wear something quite comfortable as you'll obviously be moving around and want to make sure that you are the fastest you can be. You can wear long camouflage pants, long sleeve shirt and shoes. a comfortable jacket in which you can move freely will go well if it is cold or you are playing outdoors. Make sure you have your goggle mask and body protection for extra padding. Generally speaking you want choose loose over tight clothing to allow you more freedom of movement.

Things You Need To Bring:

Make sure to bring plenty of water with you as you'll be sweating a lot and dehydration is very common when playing lengthy paintball games. You could pack your own bottles of water or buy them at the commercial park or facility. Also it is wise to bring money for snacks for after the game or either pack your lunch since food and snacks can be a bit it pricey at these events.

Type of Paintball Guns to bring with you:

Your paintball gun is obviously one of the most important things to pack when going to a paintball game. However the type of gun that you will take with you is an even more important factor to pay attention to. please refer to this guide to find out which paintball gun you should be taking with you. You can also check the paintball gun section of our site if you already know what type of marker you need to be using.

Your First Match Expectations:

It's very well possible for you to not hit any targets on your very first match. And that's ok. try to get a feel of the game and do not be dessappointed if you are hit early on in the game. It's just a game and it takes time to learn the ropes. Ask for help from a colleague or someone you know that has more experience than you, to explain to you anything you have doubts about. And remember that everyone has had their own first match back when they first started. Happy hunting
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Best advice for a new player? Don't take paintball too seriously, it's just a game.
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new to the game

im new to the game and i have some advice. just jump into the game give it all you got. dont hesitate just have fun
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Originally Posted by JamesC View Post
Best advice for a new player? Don't take paintball too seriously, it's just a game.
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I cant believe this has almost been up 8 yrs. Glad people are still reading this Might be time for an update.
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Very good thread OP! Hopefully this will help parents understand what can be gained or lost through playing paintball. Another thing that hasn't been touched on much is how disciplined you have to be to become a great player in this sport. I used to skateboard back in my early years and I remember the stigma that followed it. We were all looked at as a bunch of kids wasting our time doing something unproductive. Paintball is very similar in this aspect as many parents don't understand the work, dedication, and companionship this sport requires to advance your skill. So at the end of the day, our kids could be very safe playing video games on the couch, but I would rather see mine learning a valuable lesson through experience.... It takes lots of work to become truly great at most things in life. Now what parent wouldn't want to see their child learning that lesson at a young age? Not trying to thread jack OP!!! Play paintball
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