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If you watch one with the gun they have a very detailed explanation on how to snap. Works pretty well.

Also use your whole bunker, dont just snap out of one side over and over again.
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I think it would be advantageous to only practice with the gun you plan on using in games. That way, you will get used to the feel of the gun and just know by instinct where it is pointing.

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Just use the force when you snapshoot, that way you don't have to waste your time with aiming.

But seriously though, here is what you need to work on.
1. Proper form. You can use a mirror to guage your progress. The key thing is to be able to shoot out of your bunker with the smallest profile possible. You also need to ensure that you hold your marker securely. So make sure you hold it the same way every time and practice moving in and out to gain proper muscle memory.
2. Use different positions. Most of the fields I go to have bunkers designed for midgets. Practice stances such as lying on your back, prone position, kneeling, squatting, and of course standing. Practice shooting with both of your hands. That will allow you to get a better angle when you are shooting with your off hand.
3. Muscle memory. When you fire your marker, always hold it in the position that you would snap shoot with. You will find that after a while, you can hit your target without using anything at all to aim with.
4. Vary your timing and position. Snap shooting is worthless if your opponent knows where you will pop out of. Try practicing by shooting at 2 to 3 targets while a buddy is posted on you. Let him shoot at you without fear of you shooting back. Don't keep shooting out of the same spot with the same timing.
5. Pay attention to what is going on around you. I have bunkered many people cause I saw their shadow, heard which direction they were firing, heard them trying to reload, or by listening to the distinct sound of a cocker breaking down on the other side of the bunker.
6. The most important aspect of shooting is knowing where everyone is. Imagine that you are playing pool. Imagine that after every shot you make you are concerned at where the cue ball will be after the shot. After you shoot one joker out, what are your plans of advancing on the next victim? I snap shotted one fool out and I ended up bunkering his 5 other team mates because I knew that their attention was not on me. You can also tell your other teammates to move up to help put pressure on the opposing team which will make your job much easier by drawing attention away from you.
7. Make sure you stretch before you play. There is nothing funnier than seeing someone hurt themselves by not properly preparing themselves for some physical activity.

I am sure there are some other tips but it has been a long time since I lmastered it and it has become second nature to me.
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use your hips and obliques/core instead of your legs. My first team tought me this, the captain saw I was using my legs too much and came up behind me, said, "dont take this weird or anything, Im just going to help you snap" put his hands on my hips, and kept my hips in place while I leaned over. Kinda creepy to some, but its stuck in my head, and Ive done much better.

Snap using your core muscles, and keep a stable platform using your legs, whether your standing, crouching, etc. your legs should move only to adjust for the movement of weight, otherwise you pivot sideways on your hips, snap out, and use your core to push yourself out and pull back in. If you relly on your legs too much, you wont be as quick to snap, your leg will most likely stick out, you will get tired. IF you snap using core, you save your legs for running and moving quickly.

When practicing snaping, go slowly, get proper form, get comfortable being as tight as possible, and make sure you can aim in that position. Get this form down, snap in and out slowly, and make sure you can aim likes this. Snap out slowly, aim, and shoot. Go back in, and repeat. Focus on form and accuracy, and change your position(standing, crouching, low stance, etc) after a while. Practice with both hands. When you get this down pat, speed it up, making sure you still retain accuracy and form, not pushing out too hard and falling off balance, hanging out too long, or not breathing.

Practice shooting targets, going at the same rate you would in a game, shooting at a target. Then play as tight to the bunker as posible, see how this changes your posture/stance, and snap. Playing tight to a bunker can make it difficult to snap, but if your being pinched out snaping is the only thing that can save you. Practice playing loose, a couple steps from the bunker, because sometimes you will need to back up from a bunker to get a shot. Make sure you remain behind cover, and in a game be mindfull of cross feild shots.

Practice with all types of bunkers, be mindfull of rounded edges, flat/square edges, dorritos/slanted sides, trees, hard or soft bunkers(dont scratch up your barrel, its harder to play tight to a hard bunker)

even after your well acomplished in doing snap drills as fast as possible, you still need to do slow practice, otherwise you may start developing bad habbits when going too fast, and it keeps your form flawless.

play against pump players, they teach you so much about snaping, less posting makes it harder to hit them, and there always very elusive targets.
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One of my favorite snap shooting drills in one ball check. In this drill, two players take bunkers (or something resembling a bunker) opposite of each other. On the command "go" each player tries to snap shoot the opposing player. The only stipulations are that each player can only shoot one ball at a time and they must come back into their bunker after each shot.

Advantages to the drill:
- Makes all shots accurate
- encourages players to change position in their bunker to come out at different locations to suprise the opponent
- firing one ball at a time makes the players repeat the motion many many times
- poor snap form will cause you to get eliminated
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I'm with Kearns, always worked very well for my team.
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There is also a DVD called "Winning Skills with Nicky T" that shows and explains snap shooting form in detail (and humor).
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The only thing that I can think to mention that I didn't read someone else say, is practice doing it EXACTLY the same way you plan on doing it in the game.
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Honestly, practicing is the best way to get good at it. If you have a place in your yard you can do some shooting, set up some targets, and something to hide behind as a moch-bunker. I have practiced using my truck door, and shooting at cans in my yard, it works. Anything will work realy, the smaller the target the better. If you can shoot a soda can at 70feet w/ 2 of 4 balls, you can easily hit a person w/ 4 of 4 at the same distance. Also, practice in diffrent positions, ones that you regularly play in. I have also practiced just quick sighting in of a gun w/o rounds, or with them. I set up targets, and in between each shot (i mainly play pump) i will turn, anc change my position and change the direction i am pointing the gun to something totaly diffrent, and then come back to the target. Turning a 180 and hitting a target is good practice, if you can do that quickly, peeking out behind something becomes easy. The more you shoot your gun the better you will become at it, but just picking a target, and dumping a hopper onto it w/o moving your gun can be done by anyone, movement added will make you better.
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