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Snap-Shooting, Any Guides?

Hey guys, I want to get better at snap shooting, but when prompted, most people respond to a question about snap-shooting by saying, "Practice". Well, that's fine and dandy, but exactly how? What is the correct position one should be doing while snap-shooting? And what is a good way to practice? I just watched Tyger's video on youtube, and thought that was a really good demonstration, anyone else care to give me any tips?

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Try snap shooting at the edge of a mirror, so you can see how much of yourself you are exposing. And when a lot of people tell you individually that practice is the best way to get better, they might be on to something.

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He's right. I pratice behind my dresser. It's important to pratice standing, crouching, laying down, really any posistion. Also wear all your gear! I see some people in their PJs just praticing the movements. Thats all good, but you need to pratice with your gun, tank, hopper, mask, etc. No need to load the gun.

Another fun way is in your backyard (location allow) hide behind a bunker, have a friend place some soda cans someplace without you seeing them, then snap shot them out. Then have him move them and repeat. That drill helps you with improvisation.

And who better than Tyger to show you how it's done!!
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Mirror snapping isn't really going to help your shot instinct. The biggest part of snapshooting is getting that instinct shot on the money.

Just find something to simulate a bunker, set tiny little targets up (cans, bottles etc) and just pop your head out, choose a target, go back inside your bunker and then try to pop out and shoot it so fast that you don't even see the impact. Practice going out the top, and both sides high and low.
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Yeah, I have just gotten better by playing. Hasn't been too quick, but I don't play a whole lot. When I snap shoot, I visualize the target through the bunker, and aim at where they will be. It's even harder for me with a pump because I generally only get one shot. However, once players notice this, they will begin to stay out of cover assuming that I will miss and since I only have one shot the miss probability is high. This has given me a few nice goggle shots against opponents shooting a variety of guns, electro to pump.

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I thought dynasty dysected had a good little section on it, alone with one with the gun.

Personally I like to emphasize popping out of different areas if possible. If you are in a short stand up then come out on top, out right, out left, mix it up. Don't let them post up on you and know where you will snap out of.
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lol....i read the title, and thought "Practice"...then, i read your post.

But, yeah...Practice! Theres lots of different ways to practice, its up to you which ones you want to try....we have drill nights, and practice nights that are designated for practice, we usually do snap shooting drills. But, if you dont play on an established team, that has set days to practice, etc....Then, time to get creative!

Ive tried numerous different things to help, one of my favs....and, it comes in handy, ALOT! When i was practicing by myself, or with a few friends, we wouldnt try the actual snap shooting, we tried a "small target practice" What we would do, we would set up, coke bottles, beer bottles, pods....anything really, so that you could only see a very small profile of it from the building, or bunker we were behind. You would be behind the building, as if you were in a fire fight, you had to stay behind it, again, as if you were in a fire fight. What it teaches you, is how to aim at a very small target that may be sticking out a tiny bit....most people do stick something out a bit, barrel, gun, knee....this drill helped us take advantage of that. Combine that drill with an actual 'snapping out' drill....Your golden!
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When I played tourneys we would position ourselfs in opposite bunkers and then set a pod next to it out in the open...Coach would say "GO" and we would begin trying to snap shoot the opponents you used to snapping while taking fire and not flinching since thier paint was so close to you.

We also tied some old Can Coolers (Koozie's) from a PVC frame and snap shot them, then after they were shot they would swing..we would keep trying to hit them.....I liked that one.
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It's important to also practice snap-shooting while someone is shooting back at you. I can also recommend quick-switching from right to left hand shooting, and ensuring you make the smallest possible profile outside of the bunker.

Snap shooting is really a two-fold technique, though. First, if you're shooting pump, you pop out, shoot one round, and pop back in. That's more precision. If you have a pneumag or ego or something, you can fan the trigger 9 times while you pop out and Kentucky-windage the rounds on target But, I'd advise practicing more often with a pump. Not only will you save money on paint, but your precision shooting will increase substantially.
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When practicing how to shoot left handed (thus snap left handed) I started with a semi (because that's how I started learning right handed) and got the movements down. Then I went back to pumping.

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