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A remote counts as marker length? In that case get any pistol you want and run a 3 foot steel braided remote from it.

Originally Posted by WSCopic
Be advised that we here at MCB do not support necrophelia, in any form.
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Originally Posted by ginger ninja View Post
g'day! :LMAO

I would do it my self but i would be arrested in my coutry for having one...

Thanks Guys!!!
Man what ever happened to y'all down there?
Y'all are the same scot/irish that we are here in the south and many of your early imigrants came in on the indentured servant plan or the penal colony plan just like we did in the south.So how did y'all end up with such anal laws.

No insult meant I just don't get it.

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i wont go into detail but there are also regulations about the length of barrels on longarms being a minimum length and also unspecific regulations such as "not looking like a military firearm" which is ment to stop the assault rifle types but any way... (plus federal importation legislation as well, some times you can import something just not register it or visa versa...)

after this:

Martin Bryant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

there was a backlash against firearms legislation and a lot got changed...

anyway the reason i posted this thread is i was just trying to get an idea around the sizes and see what woud be the difference between a TPX or a mag on remote with a legally short barrel...
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Thanks for the input I did not know.

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