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Originally Posted by CrazyBoy78 View Post
Not gonna add much more to the already great advice above, save this: work on your skills and when you bunker some dude with an Ego, etc... feel proud that you did it with an Ion.
haha by far my favorite advice yet. I have been prodding on other peoples thoughts about guns that would be my next bet, what do you guys think on bob long alias intimidators? and what about proto SLGS? And again im not even close to committing to buying a new one since im having fun with this one Im just wondering about your guys opinions.

And yea its a shame that the sport has such a the best gear gets you the farthest mentality. I do find in my opinion with a gun that cost me a hundred bucks. But in truth it sort of lets you weed out who you want to talk to and who you dont ^.^

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Both Timmy's and SLGs are nice. I would personally go for the SLG myself. I've owned a couple of Intimidators, and they were great, until you need to change a hose...those grip frames are too damn tight for me to fit many tools in, let alone my fingers lol.

I've shot a SLG, and liked it a lot. Both work great though.
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just give it a little more time. one other good way to go if know their people play with same gun as your and have after market barrel ask to see if can try them out to see if like or not. for me if know people that have after market barrels in your area and not sure what to get ask if can try them out. at least get to see what like or not since will not spend cash on something do not like in long run. also good idea is ask around why people bought the after market parts in your area too. you get some nice reviews on items too. since some times after market parts are for show for some and not for other. i know or seen few people that want after market part because it made look like real gun even thou add more weight or off set way you have to play with it a bit. just do not go hog wild in get stuff because you want it. most time cost more then what stuff worth since in long run find good bad and ugly later. you did right thing in ask this question. people here love to show the hole side to story or pic here. we share good bad and ugly. or we point bad side if to many point out good side too or other way around. i would like to thanks this board for all good info we share with people even thou its good bad and ugly at times. but we show people what might come out of it.
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im way past knowing I need to wait. You guys drilled that in to me. So dont worry my hands are tied im not going to go crazy. I still want opinions.
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I would go for a Phantom

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yes that would be good idea. but is that big leap to take since only play few times. yes their easy to maintain and will never let you down. but is that to big leap for him to take so soon
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I went and played with a local team and played as a front guy (they said its because front people get out the quickest so I could just do my best, and freak the other team out while they railed on them) and I was bunkering guys who had bob long vices.. some.. other guns I dont know what they are but either way, It was pretty satisfying.
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see if get the time to know the gun and your starting to play better. you do things like this. you see as you do this more you know if right to add more stuff to it or not.
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