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Gun Types

Hello All. Even though I've been playing paintball for a couple years, I'm one of those players who bought a cheap beginning gun and have used it ever since. I'm now looking to get something better but find myself not knowing anything about all the different types of guns, other then Tippmanns.
Soo, I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to create a thread or sticky that listed and explained the characteristics, functions and differences for the major gun types/classes.
Not brand names (AGD, Spyder, etc); but actual types of guns.

Maybe something like?

Electronic: Mechanical:
Angel Automag
Timmy Cocker

Did I totally screw up that example?? That's why I'm asking for help, I have no idea what the differences are. I hear names and types but actually know what they are would be wonderful.

Thank you for the help. If there is already a thread like this will someone link it please.
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At the very core of it all you've got a few major groups:

Pump action, must pump between each shot: Phantoms, CCM markers, PGP, etc...

Mechanical Semi auto, no batteries, marker usually has some sort of sear tripping system to fire a paintball: Most Automags, spyders, Tippmanns, cockers, etc...

Hybrid electro, a mechanical marker that is fired by an electrical solenoid to trip the sear. Basically most Egripped mechanical markers: Spyder MR3, Draguns, Egripped tippmann...

Electro-pneumatic, a marker that uses air solenoids and electronics to fire, there are many types of EP markers, but the majority are either Spool systems (like an automag) or fire using a poppit valve (like an Autococker): Ego, Cyborg, Viking, DM and PM markers, G3, Mini, Ions (and other SP markers), etc...

But in each of those groups there are a TON of factors that drastically separate the groups.
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Well, the way I see it there are 4 major divisions of guns.

- Stock Class: Guns that use 12 grams for air and have a pump. The Phantom, PMI guns, and Caters are some examples of this group.

- The next is Open Class Pumps: Guns that have an air tank and a hopper with a pump. Examples of this would be the older PMI guns and Snipers.

-Mechanical Semi's: Guns that automatically recock. Tippmanns, Mags and Cockers go here.

-Electros: Guns that need batteries to power some component of the gun. Things like the Ion or Shocker.
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More or less, that question can either be answered with one sentence that is so vague it will be meaningless, or so specific it would take several posts.

Redbeard's post is probably the best intermediate (although e-cockers are really better classified as hybrids as they still use a sear/mechanical hammer unless they have an MQ valve system).

I recommend going through all of the brand-specific forums here, and over on PBN as they have some valuable stickied threads with FAQs, operation animations, etc.
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This would be a good place to start ZDS Paintball - Marker Classification
A lot of the designs are very similar/identical other than small variations in parts and layout. For example an Angel and an Intimidator are pretty much the same gun design with different packaging.
There was also a thread over on The Tinker's Guild Tinkering Tech Forums :: Index where the classification of markers was discussed with a couple of family tree type charts proposed.
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Actually there are only two gun types:
Working/ Velcor approved
Non-working/ Velcor smote.
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im going to say that although pillage is somewhat correct i dont think that is what you are looking for...

people mostly covered it all except that there are a whole bunch of sub categories...

open class
stock class
the rule breaker pump (an MQ2 pump...)
(i am pretty sure there are more things that are having to do with the valve but...)

all mechanical
pneumatic assist (like a pneumag)

i dont know much about electros so someone fill in....

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I like ZDSPB's classifications, markers using a hammer: ZDS Paintball - Marker Classification - Markers Using a Hammer

and markers without a hammer: ZDS Paintball - Marker Classification - Markers Without a Hammer

He goes really in depth into the operation of each type and has animations too! I used to spend hours there learning about automags and autocockers...
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Electros are pretty much split into just poppet and spool valves.

Honestly, I don't want to know much more. As long as the gun works and I have basic skills to fix problems, it's good.
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I dont think its fair to group electros by valve design..

I think BST here sums it up the best.. if it uses batteries its an electro. Its the most comprehensive and explanatory summary. Breaking it down by valve design is really iffy way to break em up.
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