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Are there any paintball shops near you? They may be willing to cut you a deal to help you get started and to get in on the ground floor. Of course, the benefit to them is when people are looking to buy their own send them to the local guy. They would be more willing to help you service the guns when they need it. It can't hurt to try and establish a relationship with a local shop.
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If you are going to buy use gear make sure you have a person capable of teching and troubleshooting the stuff. Otherwise it is easy to buy paperweights.


Cool swag to promote your sport!

Honey badger don't care! Honey badger don't give a @#$%.

Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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Spider clones are a nice idea - but I would definitely try to go for Autococker threaded barrels. Getting a new barrel turns those bad guns into something quite manageable. 98customs can work out - but I would see if you can get a discount on 5 adapters and buy Autococker barrels still, or find decent 14" tippmann barrels. Avoid using stock/short barrels if possible.

I would definitely go with the $30 HPA suggested above, 48/3000 is fine for recball, and the hydro is not necessary - in 5 years you'll have a different budget. Don't think that far. Think about buying good experience and performance right now - go with HPA.
When people say "just get it syphoned" or any other CO2 modification - that costs extra, so what's the point?!

I agree on the VForce Provantage, great masks - try to get them new since you won't save much on used but getting fresh lenses is a good safety policy.

You should also try to budget knee/shin protection - try to find an inexpensive shinguards/kneepad combination. You can probably find some inexpensive brands for ~$10-15 on sale.

Used Azodin Kaos could be a good option - spider clones with no reg (expansion chamber instead) but have Autococker threads, a decent barrel and feedneck, and can run on both CO2 and HPA. Since it's a new product you are likely to find them in decent condition.
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Originally Posted by Tenet View Post
Used Azodin Kaos could be a good option - spider clones with no reg (expansion chamber instead) but have Autococker threads, a decent barrel and feedneck, and can run on both CO2 and HPA. Since it's a new product you are likely to find them in decent condition.
I've heard good things about Azodin, of course the pump but also the semi guns. Almost makes me want to try 'em out myself. A new Kaos is only $90, I haven't seen that many in the BST's probably because they've just hit the market a little while ago.
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Well I checked with one of the fields near me and they have Pro-lites for $35 a piece with Mask. Granted the masks are not AMAZING but they are certainly workable. What is the threading on the Prolites? I ask because I figure I'll get one myself and maybe throw a cheap decent barrel on it ( I was thinking J&J).

The main reason I would go with Prolites is that A: they are bulletproof and B: I am reasonably sure I can fix them (ought to be a bit easier than fixing a 98)
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Pro- anything will do you good. They will never break, but with the rentals you may have to replace the main spring (which is a complete hassle to get in), but it'll last you longer than you'll need it.

The threading is the same as on the A5, but you have to make sure the barrel isn't any bigger than the foregrip, or you'll end up dremmeling the plastic away, which isn't at all possible with Pro-Ams. and $35 for a pro-lite + mask? I wish I had a deal like that...
Mine cost $45 without the mask...
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