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01-28-2008 12:24 AM
sable Field Name: dozers paintball
Location:winnie, texas
BYOP: yes, everyday.
Play Style: recball, speedall
Local Tournaments:yes
Rating:5 great place.
01-24-2008 01:46 PM
TheDude Field Name: Saigon Sam's Sat Cong Village (SC Village)
Location: Corona, CA
Play Style: (Woodsball, Speedball, Both)
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 3

Field Name: Hollywood Sports Park
Location: Bellflower, CA
Play Style: Rec, Speedball, Both
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 4

Field Name: Jungle Island
Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
Play Style: (Woodsball, Speedball, Both)
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 5
01-21-2008 05:25 PM
Smilestyler Field name: Paintball Paradise
Location: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada
Play style: Woodsball, speedball/ airball, Scenario games, and Night games
Local Tournaments: Several every year as well as annual charity events
Rating: 5 out of 5 because of high safety standards, pro shop, and on site airsmith.
web site: Paintball Paradise Prince Albert Inc. Saskatchewan Canada
01-20-2008 03:15 PM
Sexy_Chicken Field Name: Picasso Lake Paintball
Location: Winslow, NJ
BYOP: Yes, but rentals must use field paint.
Play Style: Woodsball
Local Tournaments: One to date, with talk of more in the future.
Rating: I work there, so I can't in good faith rate it.
Picasso Lake Paintball - Home

Field Name: Wolf's Ridge Paintball
Location: Riner, VA
BYOP: Yes, but I believe there is a fee. Their paint is very reasonably priced, though, and pumper friendly (willing to sell you paint in 100 round increments for $3 haha)
Play Style: Woodsball
Local Tournaments: No
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Welcome to Wolf's Ridge Paintball, Inc.
01-20-2008 02:41 PM
Splat Tag

Field Name: Splat Tag
Location: 835 County Road E
Hudson, WI 54016
BYOP: With a $10 fee
Play Style: Scenario/Woodsball, Speed and Pump days.
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 5 Stars
Web Sites:
Splat Tag, Inc. - Minnesota Paintball - Splat Tag, Inc. USA
Giant Big Game - Giant Big Game - The Biggest Paintball Scenario Game Around! Wisconsin vs Minnesota. All States are welcome to help in this paintball scenario game.
Big Game - Jungle Rumble - Paintball Scenario Game - Minnesota and Wisconsin area Hudson, WI
01-20-2008 03:46 AM
jincay Field Name: Outdoor Adventures Bowie
Location:Bowie MD
Play Style: Woodsball, speedball and in house scenarios
Local Tournaments: yes
Rating: *****

OA Paintball - Feel the Rush!

Puts on great 6 hour long scenarios, about 8 or so per year. They have been doing this for 3 years now and work hard on producing quality competitive scenarios.
01-18-2008 10:20 AM
Traakon Tempe Paintball Urban Combat Experience

Website: Tempe Paintball
Phone: 480 966 1900
Address: 1401 S. McClintock Dr. Tempe, Arizona 85282

Field Type: Indoor
Field Layout: Urban Combat Setting
Paint: Field Paint Only
Opened August1, 2007
Offerings: Rentals, limited Pro Shop, CO2 and HPA to 3000psi, on-site food.

Indoor Air Conditioned facility.
Excellent rental equipment.
Extreme attention to safety.
Courteous and well-trained staff.
Professional Ref's
Clean and well maintained staging area and field.
Very “new player” friendly
Inexpensive compared to local indoor alternatives.
Unique twists to play such as “Cosmic Friday Nights” (Think Disco Paintball 2k8) and weekly League Play.

Small-ish field
Limited Pro Shop
Limited Airsmith ability
Field Paint Only (Paint is high quality and reasonable)
Facility can only accommodate roughly 150 players at a time.
On-site food is good when the vendor is there, vendor not always there.
Field structure/design dictates the style/type of play.
Can be hard to find if you miss the sign.


Tempe Paintball Urban Combat Experience

They have done an appropriate job of defining the field and what it offers in the name. Its not “Speedball” or “Hyperball” or “AireBall” and if that’s your game without exception, they tell you upfront; this is not your field. Or is it?

The owners will be the first to explain that while the field was designed around the Tactical Urban Combat style of play, the greatest number of players that play their field do not know or understand that style of play. The result, you end up with 90% of the games/events at the location being less “Type of Play” structured and better explained as a “skill building” field. With that in mind, it is one of the best places for “Paintball Virgins” and “Newbies” to begin learning the sport under the watchful eye of the well trained and overtly safety minded staff and owners.

The field is tactically tight and this works to the advantage of new players in that there is no means to get lost or left out of the play when “Game On” is called. The setting is modeled after a jungle supply depot or Para military warehouse in some covert drop zone. Several movable outbuildings and an ever-changing myriad of containers and barrels staged and ready to support the troops on the front lines surround a “hard” central office structure. What this means for game play is that you have to move and pick targets and find cover as you move. Bunker in and there are 3-4 ways to assault your position and overrun it. There are no lanes to “hose” so the experience quickly exposes your actual skill and ability over just having a high ROF marker and a ramping board. The field requires you to learn to play tight and develop your snap shooting skills as well as targeted shooting while on the move. All the best skills for new players to develop to be competitive in any of the other styles of paintball play.

New players will find the staff extremely attentive and helpful both on and off the arena floor. On the field, REF staffing is matched to the size of the parties playing at that time. Games will always have at least two REF’s and as many as five for the high intensity or league games. The “Family Friendly” environment flows from the owners having families/children of their own who may be onsite on any given day. Manners, sportsmanship, courtesy and enforced rules against “Offensive Language” are as important in the safety briefing as the rules on safe paintball play. Four huge flat screens allow non-players, moms and dads to monitor the activity on the field during each game from the comfort of the air-conditioned staging area. A lowered velocity standard (220 fps maximum), semi-auto only markers (No full auto or electronic ramping allowed), ROF (Rate of Fire) capped at 15bps and stringent rules on mandatory surrender distances and overshooting take the tight field design into account to assure players have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The rental markers (guns) offered are the Kingman/Spyder MR-1 semi-auto markers on CO2. You can get your rental with the tactical shoulder stock or without depending on your comfort or style. Hoppers are standard 140rd gravity feed and the base rental package comes with 100 paintball rounds. Standard single lens masks as well as a wide range of protective gear from gloves to chest and neck protectors as well as pods and pod harnesses are all included in the rental package. Service on the rental gear is excellent and the staff focuses on getting players as much field time as possible so you will never be left standing at the equipment room waiting for your rental gear to be repaired. If your out of air or experience an issue, they put another marker in your hand and get you back on the field. If you have your own gear, they can do CO2 fills and HPA fills to 3000psi.

The onsite pro shop is very limited and focus’s on gear and markers in their target market, Tactical/Mil-Sim. The airsmithing abilities are also extremely limited though the staff is always willing to help any and every player as much as they are equipped to. The staging area also has a food service area designed in offering drinks, pizza and other prepared, heat and eat items as well as a well stocked vending area for when the counter is not open. They also offer lockers, available for rent, to keep purses and other valuables secure and out of sight

Tempe Paintball Urban Combat Experience is just that, an experience worthy any player of any skill level. New players can learn/grow their skill in a safe and challenging environment while experienced players have the ability to hone often forgotten skill of making the one shot count. Tempe Paintball does not offer “everything to every player” and to their credit, they do not try. What they do offer is one of the best environments for new players to safely learn to love the sport.

About the Reviewer:
I have tried to make this an objective review. I am not on the staff of Tempe Paintball but it has become my "field of first choice" and I help out there whenever I have the time. I have experienced nearly every way to play paintball in the 24+ years I have been playing and played all over the U.S.. As with all reviews, the reviewer and their interest should be known and considered.
01-18-2008 09:55 AM
Tallen702 Field Name: Pev's At AG (AG Paintball Games)
Location: 20136, Gant Lane, Leesburg, VA, 20175
BYOP: Yes. However, rentals must use the Field Paint
Play Style: Large number of woodsball fields with 4 tournament speedball fields
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 5 Stars
01-18-2008 07:41 AM
Milky Spore Field Name: Xtreme Paintball
Location: Agawam, MA
BYOP: Yes, but Wal-Mart and cheap paint like that isn't allowed.
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments: There was a 3-man speedball tourney this year, so sure, I guess.
Rating: 4
01-07-2008 04:17 PM
sparky Field Name: Young Guns Paintball
Location: Stony Plain Alberta Canada
Play Style: Yes
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 4 Stars
Web: Young Guns Paintball - Stony Plain, Edmonton, Alberta, Paintball Fields, Equipment, Rentals, Recreation

Field Name:Paintball Action Games Indoor (PAG)
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Play Style: Speedball
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 3 Stars
Web: Paintball Action Games - Edmonton Alberta and

Field Name: Paintball Action Games Outdoor (PAG)
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments: No
Rating: 3 Stars
Web: Paintball Action Games - Edmonton Alberta and

Field Name: Urban Paintball
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments:Yes
Rating: 3 Stars
Web: Urban Paintball

Field Name: Deer Lodge Paintball
Location: Mayerthorpe Alberta Canada
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 2 Stars
Web: Deer Lodge Paintball

Field Name: Quest for Adventure Paintball
Location: Gibbons Alberta Canada
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 4 Stars
Web: Quest for Adventure - Edmonton Paintball Field
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