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Vector Vent/Rant...

Alright, I'm pretty lax when it comes to paintball in general, but recently I've been getting a little pissed about my vector pump. When I got it after that 2 month wait time after i pre-ordered her, My excitement blinded me to the issues my gun came with. Upon further inspection, my marker was missing one of the two back block pins that hold the pump arms in, I understand those guys are pretty busy but I've pm'ed them on Facebook and they never shipped the part i need, I've been using a piece of plastic i 3D printed as a fix but its not a permanent solution.

Now the big problem, I noticed a dent in the lower tube body area on the gun that i didn't cause, I'm figuring either the quality control sucked or they were in such a rush to get them out that they didn't really check them very clearly.

Also I'm having issues chronoing it past 260 with the ivg screwed in all the way and tried adjusting the reg with mixed problems and success. I've heard other people have been having trouble with getting there velocity up as well so this isnt just an isolated case here.

Alright end of rant, I just needed to vent here, cause I'm honestly a little fed up with this gun.
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But its AMERICAN-MADE and a LABOR OF LOVE so it must be good! lol

I feel you pain, my element has been nothing but a PITA since I got it.
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