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LibertyRadeon 05-03-2012 06:44 PM

Liberty Paintball Big Game 5/6

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A zombie plague is infesting Earth. A virus is spreading across the planet. It's up to the human race to find a cure to put an end to the infestation. Zombies are attacking humans with increasing frequency; it's up to you to stop them.

The game will be played in two sessions (AM PM) with each team taking turns being the humans and the zombies. There will be three main missions the humans need to complete in order to cure the zombie virus. In addition to the main missions there will be six neutral bases for both teams to battle over.
8:00am-9:45am Registration 10:00-12:45pm Morning Session
9:45-10:00am Orientation 12:45pm-1:45pm Lunch

1:45pm-4:30pm Afternoon Session

Mission Overview
Missions Morning Afternoon
Zombie Serum 10AM-11AM 1:45PM-2:45PM
Zombie Babies 11AM-12PM 2:45PM-3:45PM
The Antidote 12PM-12:45PM 3:45PM-4:30PM
Humans-RED Humans-Blue
Zombies-BLUE Zombies-RED

The Zombie Serum Mission Is To Develop A Vaccine
The first step is the human's quest to stop the zombie invasion is to develop a vaccine. The human's must find the chemical components necessary to make a vaccine for the zombie virus.
They must locate three containers with vital components to the vaccine. These containers are colored red, white and blue, and are hidden throughout the playing field.
These containers must be brought to the human safe house (see below). The containers may not be moved from their hidden location by the zombies.

• This mission will occupy the first hour of the morning and afternoon sessions (10am-11am or 12:45-1:45pm). If the humans fail in their mission to obtain all the containers, they must hire a "chemist" to create the needed ingredients, resulting in a 50pt deduction from their score.
The humans will receive 50pts for each container they return to their safe house. The zombies will receive 50pts for each container they are able to protect.
• Please note the capturing of all neutral bases continues through all missions
The Zombie Babies Mission
The humans have now recovered the components necessary to make a zombie antidote and have made a trial batch. They need two zombie babies to try the antidote or to verify its potency. The humans must capture two zombie babies and return them to their safe house (see below). Two zombie baby dolls are hidden somewhere on the playing field. The zombie team must protect them, but may not change their locations.
This mission will occupy the second hour of the morning and afternoon sessions (11AM-12PM or 2:45pm-3:45pm).
• The humans will revive 50pts for each zombie baby they capture and return to their safe house. The zombies will receive 50pts for each zombie baby they keep protected, in addition if the humans capture both zombie babies their safe house will be considered completed if they have not already done so. If none of the zombie babies are captured the humans will lose an additional 50 pts for time lost in antidote testing.

• Please note the capturing of neutral bases continues throughout this mission.
The Antidote Mission
The humans have now successfully tested their antidote on the zombie babies. They are read to release the antidote to cure the zombie plague. They have developed a spray antidote which they will release by detonating a bomb from a rocket on the Area51 playing field.
• This mission will occupy the third hour of the morning and afternoon sessions(12pm-12:45pm or 3:45pm-4:30pm)

• The humans will receive 100 pts for completing this mission, while the zombies will receive 100pts for stopping it. In addition, if the humans are able to disperse the antidote all super zombies are instantly eliminated. And the zombie factory will also cease production. Also any zombie purchases or prizes will be voided.

Super Zombies
The zombie team will have access to "Super Zombies" which have exceptional abilities. All "Super Zombies" must wear a white lab coat to to detonate their status. They can only be eliminated in three ways: a direct head shot, a hit anywhere by a grenade or surrendered. Once eliminated that person loses their super zombie status and must in their vest to the nearest referee.
• All paintball hits on any part of the body will have no effect on the super zombie.

• The zombie team will be given "Super Zombies" to start the game. They may also be "grown" in the zombie factory. The general way also uses his black market points to purchase them.
The Zombie Factory
The black pyramid will serve as a mobile zombie factory and a mobile tank for the zombie team. This factory can produce up to four "Super Zombies" every 15 minutes. The player must get into the pyramid alive to be turned into a "Super Zombie". To simulate failed experiments in creating a "Super Zombie", each player must win a coin toss. This will give more players a chance to become a "Super Zombie". If the player loses the coin toss he is ineligible for the remainder of that 15 minute segment from trying again.

• The pyramid also functions as a mobile tank. If it is hit by a grenade it is retired for 10 minutes like a regular tank, but it also loses its zombie producing capacity for those 10 minutes.
The Safe House
To protect themselves from the zombie invasion the humans will be able to build a safe house in the village playing field. To accomplish this they must board up all the windows and one of the doors by finding color coded plywood hidden throughout the field. Once all the openings are sealed except, the entrance door the safe house will be activated. Once activated it will serve as a regeneration point for the human team. Any eliminated player who enters the building way will automatically return to the game. The zombie team is never allowed to enter this building.

Mobile Command Tanks
The human team will have the use of a mobile tank. The black pyramid will serve as the zombie teams tank.

If anyone from MCB plans on going, PM me, and request to be on the human side for the morning when you get to Liberty!

zigenscarface 05-03-2012 07:55 PM

oh yea.. ill be there.. and bringing the team.. actually need to talk to frank when i get there

Kanas 05-03-2012 08:06 PM

Ill be there!

LibertyRadeon 05-03-2012 08:09 PM

Yeah, looking forward to playing with you Kanas!!! Zigenscarface, if you see anyone wearing a TechPB headband, that'll be either me, Kanas, or a friend of mine. I'll be rocking a MSC or SC grey ghost.

HOpe to see you there!

Kanas 05-03-2012 08:11 PM

I figured Ill just tell you what I'm wearing so you can see me. Cloth blue i4s, matching c12 pants. Either red or highlighter yellow kingkongpaintball shirt. Custom purple splash ano g6r with pinokio and slp. Look for me =) Oh and a pgp2k when I wan a rock n cock

zigenscarface 05-03-2012 08:59 PM

Ill either be wearing a camo and pink flex 7 with matching mew head band.. lime flex, or blue racing with ref proshield bottoms.. our team wears orderless mercenaries jerseys .. ill shoot one of u guys my cell so we can all meet up.. so humans first?

Kanas 05-03-2012 09:57 PM

Yeah humans first.

zigenscarface 05-03-2012 10:37 PM

One of you guys shoot me a text, 9142248720

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