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Well, guess someone has to step up to the plate for us Michiganders

Name: Neal

Location: Grand Rapids area

Local fields: M-40, Back 40, TC Paintball, Consumer Energy Property (We have permission)

Arsenal: A few 98Cs depending on when you catch me, a 3357, a blazer, and the newest edition, a squall.

Expertise: Fixin everyones guns and getting out

Style of play: I like playing woodsball the best and not so much speedball, junkyard courses. I'm pretty laid back, I like to go to have fun.

Experience: First went 3 years ago, and got serious into paintball about a year ago.

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Location: The Motor City
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I'm in a good mood so I'll play along...

Name: Matt

Location: Clawson (Northern Detroit suburbia)

Local fields: I went to Futureball once... I like Splatmandu paintball club near Three Rivers (far from where I live now, was local before I moved)

Arsenal: Much brass and some others odds and ends, changes regularly

Expertise: Breaking stuff

Style of play: Prefer scenario and big games, but will play whatever...

Experience: I started around 1995, but I'm still a newbie.
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Location: Michigan

Name: Robert

Location: Grand Blanc - Flint Suburb

Local fields: RJ Performance (Yuk!), Hell Survivors, Futureball Outdoor

Arsenal: Phantom, Tib-8, Evil Pimp, SL-68II, Pro Lite.

Expertise: I'm good at getting hit.

Style of play: Woodsball

Experience: Started in 91 or 92. I've seen it, done it, still don't know anything.
aka Curmudgeon from the old MCB
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Name: Matt

Location: Shelby TWP / Utica area

Local fields: Hell Survivors, Futureball Outdoor

Arsenal: A5, Typhoon, Nelspot 007

Expertise: Tripping

Style of play: Woodsball and scenario mostly

Experience: Started maybe 6 or so years ago?
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location-Huntington Woods
Fields-Futureball outdoor, Hells surviviors, and outlaw ball with cousins/friends
Guns-A whole lot, but 6 3357's, and a kp2, soon to be a kl.
style of play-western, duels
experiance-6 years or so.
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Location: Livonia, MI

Name: Mark

Location: Livonia

Local fields: Hell Survivors, No Limits

Arsenal: Timmy, Tippman 98s, A5

Expertise: Mobile bunker

Style of play: Whatever I can

Experience: Four years
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Location: Michigan

Name: Rob

Location: Monroe

Local fields: Hell Survivors season pass

Arsenal: Zeus', TAG8, P68SC

Expertise: I can get most of the new crop of pistols working again

Style of play: Pistol Play-Every Day

Experience: 1986 to today off and on, though since late 04 I've played most every weekend that HS was open.
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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I happen to be new to the forum as well, so I figured this might be a decent place for an intro.

Name: Sergio

Location: Dearborn

Local Fields: Futureball, I think? I'm new to the area, haven't had a chance to play out here yet. Used to live near Chaos Paintball in Charlotte, never played there, though. Usually played outlaw on my mother in law's property south of Lansing.

Expertise: As someone already stated, getting hit.

Style of Play: Woodsball

Experience: Started playing in '90, took about 10 years off, started playing again about three years ago. Can't believe how much the sport has changed.

My friends and I are going to Hell's Survivors for their opening weekend, it'll be my first time at a field in probably 12 years. Anybody from here planning on going?
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Location: Farmington, Mi

Name: Kris "Butch" Gross

Location: Farmington

Local fields: Killer indoor park, Hell survivors, Futureball oudoor

Arsenal: p68 stroker pistol, PMI 1 (till sold that is), few jabbs

Expertise: Going to the absolute worst bunker one can...

Style of play: Pistol, front

Experience: 6 ish years playing
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Join Date: Sep 2006

Name: Repoman

Location: Parts Unknown

Local fields: Any field on Planet

Arsenal: got at least one gun

Expertise: best left unsaid

Style of play: what do you got?

Experience: started playing before Simpsons Exsisted
"Come at me one at a time or all at once, for the music fades and I'll have this dance done"

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