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2013 Calendar (Irregulars)

Creating a place to help track events for the upcoming year. Open to anyone to join, but intended to help the happy little group of Splatttttttland Irregulars figure out what we're doing.

It would be great to have at least one event planned for each month, with a few more sprinkled in as time allows. As usual we will try to get to events in MA, NH, CT, PA and hopefully RI this year. I will throw a few dates out to get things started and will let the discussions that follow dictate what we ultimately end up doing. Will update this 1st post (calendar) as we figure things out.



Bold = confirmed events (some of us are attending)
Non-Bold = proposed dates/events

March 17 - Splatttttttland, MA

April 21 - Splatttttttland, MA

May 5 - Spring TAC game, Strategy Plus, CT

May 26 - byop day @ OSG

June 2 - Spaltttttttland, MA

June 2 - AG 25th Anniversary Game, NH

June 8 - Gravity League Event #2, Lee NH

June 16 - Splatttttttland, MA

June 16 - SCAR, RI

July 20-21 - EMR Pump Pandemonium, PA

next up?

August 11 - MCB Day at OSG, NH
Pump play followed by Pumpers against the unwashed masses Castle finale.

September 15 - Stock Class Game, Splatttttttland
International Tourney of Stock Class Champions Invitational Event

October 13 - Fall Stocktoberfest, Strategy Plus, CT
*overnight camping Sat **lederhosen optional

October 20 - MCB Day at OSG, NH ?
or Splatttttttland, MA or RI game?
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reserved for event tracking

Events already on the calendar so we can avoid conflicts ... Just pipe up with any you know about and I will add them.
Also, we can/should plan to attend some of these... as a group or individuals. Can't pass up good paintball.

4/7 - Woods/Pump event, Ludlow, MA
4/14 - Spring Fling, AG
4/28 - OSG byop
5/5 - NEPL
5/19 - COD, Black Ops II, OSG
5/25 - AG pump
5/26 - OSG byop
6/2 - 25th Anniversary Game, AG
6/16 - NEPL
6/22 - AG pump
6/30 - OSG byop

7/7 - Summer Slam, AG changed to August
7/21 - Red Dawn, OSG
7/27 - AG pump
7/28 - NEPL
7/28 - OSG byop
8/4 - Summer Slam, AG
8/18 - D Day, OSG
8/25 - OSG byop
8/31 - AG pump
9/8 - NEPL
9/14 - AG pump
9/29 - OSG byop
10/6 - Fall Brawl, AG
10/6 - Best of NE
10/13 - Return of the Jedi, OSG
10/27 - OSG byop
11/2 - AG pump
11/24 - OSG byop
11/24 - AG Turkey Shoot
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ancient one is itching to host an outlaw event up at his place in Milford. He's pretty open to most Sundays, starting early-mid April.
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Sounds good. Once we get some kind of consensus on dates and locations I can add above.
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Not sure if it matters but BYOP days at OSG are the last Sunday of the month.

Boston Creepers
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Nice ill see you at nepl and probably half of the osg events! Baller Status2013

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Yes, BYOP at OSG are great days. Very popular and definitely worth the trip up there.
Other times, when we MCB'ers show up as a group we are ALWAYS treated well by Dave, Tom and the crew. Some of the best days of the year. Hoping to get 2 or more MCB days on the calendar for 2013.
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Also, AG has the following dates as "Pump Days":

May 25
June 22
July 27
August 31
September 14
November 2

Not sure if there is any incentive from the field, but it usually means some additonal local turnout on those days.

And Carter's Bday usually winds up around November 16-17
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I try to schedule the TAC games on, or around the same weekend each year.

Spring games are usually the first weekend of May, and the Fall games are usually the second weekend in October (Columbus Day weekend).

This year, the TAC Fall game is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 13th with a camp out the night before. I just need to confirm with Strategy and lock us in.

Also, I usually ask Jack to host a stock-class game up at his place in mid-September. maybe the 15th or 22nd his year? Up to Jack on the date.
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We will be running 2 OSG "Official" pump days this year. Dates will be up in a week or 2. Obviously when you guys set your Mcarterbrown day we will accommodate you the best we can :-) Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!
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