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Some People Juggle Geese
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Awww poo. I have a wedding to go to on the 16th. I wont be able to make it up to this game. Maybe my double barrel will make it up there with the Flounder.
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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Old, Slow and Angry
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There, and camping.

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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
sometimes things are rare because they are pieces of
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
i just realized - those aren't flames on the blazer logo - it's leaking air.....
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Dead men don't speak
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oh that sucks netsurferdude2 , Now I will have to sneak up and shoot Slim. Wish I had that on video from the last game!
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Fine. Twist my arm, geez.
I suppose I can move around a few of my important September engagements to make room for this nonsense... again.
membership has its privileges

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Fire Avatar by Flounder
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Augh! I will be on vacation... and the wife's birthday is the next day so apparently I can't bail
Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB

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Chuck E Ducky
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Ended up getting the day off by switching my schedule around. I'm in!
Rubber Duckies - 518th Brigade

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aka bromanderdudeguy
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I'm in
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Griffin the young gun and I are in. Can't wait Slim.
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Lost in space
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I'll be there.
"Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us thats when we getting
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Pending calendar conflicts in. 1 player and 2 campers per Spring Pump.
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
Best time to take a dump is when on the phone with tech/ customer service.Also when they say something like "This call may be recorded. . . " I always tell them I hope so and proceed to enjoy my bowel movement.

My feedback
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