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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
Schmitti you're not playing?
Unfortunately my son has a baseball game so I will be at that for the morning. It starts at 10. I hope it's done by 1. It's only 20 mins away so I will be back before the end of the day of play but not enough to make it worthwhile to play

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Much more camping available heading towards Newburgh, NY after the game.

There are also some inexpensive motels not to far from the field. Rates s/b pretty cheap on a Sunday night like Americas Best Value Inn. 65 to 75 in east greenbush, ny
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Last year I snagged a cheap motel about 15 minutes from the field, across from a buffet house...
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Originally Posted by CrowsFeast View Post
Does anyone know if camping will be allowed Sunday night, or have suggestions for alternate accommodation?
I messaged the field for confirmation - but as others have mentioned there are other camping/affordable options nearby.

I've mentioned it before but there are a lot of cheap AirBnB houses nearby as well that groups could pool together and book.

Normally I'd offer up couch space but we have a 17 day old little boy these days.

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Originally Posted by wunderbarsafari View Post
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Sorry, camping is only permitted on Saturday night for the camp out.
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Yet another reason for me to relocate to the Northeast...easy access to Slim's Spring Stock Classic

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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I have nothing at all. I shoot mostly electro.

Let me check some logistics out (work and stuff) and if itís a real possibility, Iíll seriously post up and see if everyone can help a dude out on short notice!
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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ONE more week to go , not that I am counting the days or anything.
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Since I have never been to this field before I need to ask if there are any stores or whatever in the immediate area?
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Originally Posted by BigEvil
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There is a gas station just down the street and a grocery store not far past that.

I don’t know about paintball stores so somebody else would have to answer that.
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