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Stocktoberfest 9/23, 2018 @ AG Paintball, Weare, NH

Greetings fellow stock-class enthusiasts. It’s time to announce the next Stocktoberfest stock-class celebration.


The game will be held on Sunday, September 23rd at AG Paintball in Weare, NH. Our games are open to anyone who has their own stock-class equipment, and who enjoys the challenge and sportsmanship of stock-class play. I have been in touch with AG Paintball and they are very excited to host this stock-class event at their field.


Here are the details...
• Entry fee is $35 per player
• Bring your own stock-class equipment
• Stock-class rental guns will NOT be available (loaner equipment may be available from individual players - simply post a request in the thread)
• BYOP!!!! Paint will be available for purchase from AG Paintball (brands and prices will be posted)
• HUGE stock-class raffle!
• Food truck will be on-site to provide game day lunch (menu and prices TBD)
• Stock-class patches and a limited amount of stock-class schwag will be available for purchase
• The usual stock-class swap meet will be in full effect
• The event is rain or shine unless there is extremely dangerous conditions

As usual, we’ll be having a camp out the night before on Saturday, September 22nd. The camp out starts at 4 pm. Pitch a tent, fire up the cook stove and get ready to celebrate Stocktoberfest in style! There will be a firepit for the usual fireside festivities.

For more info on the field, click HERE

For those not camping out, game registration will start at 8:30/9:00am on Sunday. We will be making every effort to start games on time, and will not be waiting for stragglers to start the games.

Spread the word, and bring all your friends. Don’t miss out on awesome stock-class action this fall!!!

Stocktoberfest Art_01_sm.jpg

To be considered "stock-class", a gun must meet 3 simple criteria:
1) manually operated (pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action, etc.)
2) horizontally-fed
3) powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge

(Examples: Nel-Spots, PGPs, Stock-Class Phantoms, Grey Ghosts, Retro 7s, KP2s, PMI-1s, etc.).

Semi-autos, open-class pumps with any size CA/HPA tanks and/or direct feeds (with hoppers) will not be allowed - absolutely NO exceptions.

Modifications that ARE allowed:
• Guns with direct feed nipples can be equipped with a 90 elbow attached directly to the nipple. A horizontally-mounted feed tube must be mounted directly into the 90 elbow (to prevent excessive "ball stacking")
• Lever changers/slam changers that hold ONE 12-gram
• Stabilizers / regulators
• Maximum 20 round feed tube
• Any length barrel/sized barrels
• Any type of barrel porting
• "Raincovers"
• Pump guns with auto-triggers are allowed because a horizontal feed negates the ability to effectively auto-trigger

Modifications that are NOT allowed:
• 12-gram changers that hold multiple cartridges (AGD 6-packs, ACI turret changers)
• First Strike Rounds
• Spring Feeds
• Mag-fed semi-auto pistols
• Laser sights

I'll post more details as I get them.

OK, so whose in?
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- Slim

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I've been dying to go to one of these, and this ones in my back yard!

...and it's the weekend of my wedding. Enjoy gents.
Manchester Half Cock'D
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You know it ! Griff and I are in of course.
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I’ll be there, camping to boot
AnarchicArctic feedback

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I’m in and camping
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OHHH a new place to camp and play!!!
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I'll be there.
Appears that I will also be camping.
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Near Houston TX? Check out the
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I will move heaven and earth to attend, camp out and try to play. There's a white pine on the "Village" field in the very back of the property which the previous owner promised me that my ashes would be placed upon my departure from the planet.

I could usually be found there, or in the swamp at "Firebase Gloria".
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Originally Posted by Mithuna View Post
Oktoberfest begins in late September.
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