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Siege of Louisville - 2nd Mexican War! August 10/11,2019 at EMR EVENT PARK

1881: A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once more in the bloody throes of battle. Furious over the annexation of key Mexican territory, the United States declared total war against the Confederate States of America in 1881.

But this was a new kind of war, fought in the Confederate city of Louisville, using modern weapons and tactics. As Confederate General Stonewall Jackson again demonstrated his military expertise, the North struggled to find a leader who could prove his equal. In the Second War Between the States, the times, the stakes, and the battle lines had changed--and so would history. .

Good evening! This is a scenario event based off of an Alternate History world where the South managed to gain independence during the Civil War! Now, 20 years after the war, a second war between the states is here!

The story is adapted from the Harry Turtledove book "HOW FEW REMAIN.

Smokey Scenario Productions will be returning to EMR Event Park next summer to produce a new event! We would like to give a shout out to EMR for graciously allowing us this chance once again!

Prepare for two days of summer paintball at this legendary paintball facility!

Info Blast:
Date: August 10/11, 2019
Location: EMR EVENT PARK 577 Wolfs Lair Rd
New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834
Prices: $40 entry, $65 per case of VALKEN Paint
Confederate - Rob "BGR" Maxwell
United States - Pat Whalen

Facebook Event Page:

More details to come but you should mark your calendars, grab your rifled muskets, and listen to When Johnny Comes Marching Home on repeat!
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Lets have a little chat about one of the aspects of this event!
Saturday night after stand down, there will be an on field event called "BLOOD AND GUTS"!

This event will require both teams to bring an equal number of players with markers and masks to an area on field. Both forces will gather in a single line of battle 100 yards from one another.
The commander of the forces will flip a coin to determine who which side gets to fire first.

After this, the order of "FIRE" will be given by either the Northern or Southern Commander. Their corresponding forces will then fire ONE paintball each at the enemy line. They will then advance 3 paces forward and halt.
Then the opposite team will repeat the process. This will continue until one team has been eliminated.
Best 2 out of 3 wins this event.
This event is also going to be worth 250 points!
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Registration is live!
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Day 1

Day 2

Rivers and Canals:
These are the tracks that any "River Monitors" (tanks) will be confined to. Regular infantry can cross them or walk in them at any location.
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Lets talk about the ancillaries both the Confederate and United States armies will have access to:

Mobile Field Surgeons ~
MFS’s are forward aid stations that both sides can establish to allow forward insertion for players not eliminated by a headshot or by an artillery barrage. The MFS will have a physical aid-station to set up that will be marked with a Red Cross and can only work if there is a Surgeon present. Aid stations CAN be over-run and captured by the enemy.
Aid stations only operate for thirty minutes and must wait 30 minutes after use before they can be re-deployed. More than one can operate at the same time. They cannot operate within 200 feet of the enemy Command Post.

Engineers ~
Engineers are specially designated players that are able to repair structures and destroy them. They are the only players who will be able to use a TNT bundle.
Engineers must have their MOS card with them while on field. If a building is “destroyed” they can rebuild it by holding their hand to it for 5 continuous minutes. If the engineer removes their hand from the building during this time, the timer will re-set.
Engineers may also destroy structures and River Monitors with TNT bundles. They must alert a game official before using it.

Cavalry ~
Both Yankee and Confederate armies have access to Cavalry regiments. Cavalry is fast moving horse mounted soldiers that can exploit gaps in enemy lines allowing them to raid the enemy’s territory.
Up to 15 players at one time may, if designated as Cavalry, deploy at one of the special insertion points on field. A game official will escort them to this area and make them live. Cavalry raids can be used only once per hour.

Artillery ~
The greatest advancement in military technology is rifled breech-loading artillery. Both the Yankees and Rebels have stockpiled lots of it. Forward observers will be given smoke grenades that they can use to simulate an artillery strike.
The F.O. will alert a game ref before it is deployed. Anyone, friend or foe, caught inside the smoke cloud will be eliminated. The barrage lasts as long as the grenade does. The area the barrage covers is the same as the area of the smoke grenade. Players eliminated by this may not use the Mobile Field Surgeon. (EMR allows only SportSmoke. You may not use smoke grenades inside of buildings)
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