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President Ragnastock
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Summer Stockstice! Saturday June 22, MSG

It’s back, and only five months away!

The second annual Summer Stockstice!

Who you and anyone you can muster
What the freshest stockclass game series in New England
Where MSG paintball, Middletown NY
When Saturday, June 22. Gates open at 8am. Games underway at 10am
Why Why not?! Stockclass rocks(pun intended) let's help it grow!

Admission $30
FPO graffiti is $15 bag, $50 case. They may have rage in stock by game day for those who prefer larger paint
12 grams Valken .50 each

Classic capture the flag and the return of the single shot showdown!

MSG website

What the heck is stock-class?
To be considered "stock-class", a gun must meet 3 simple criteria:
1) manually operated (pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action, etc.)
2) horizontally-fed
3) powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge

(Examples: Nel-Spots, PGPs, Stock-Class Phantoms, Grey Ghosts, Retro 7s, KP2s, PMI-1s, etc.).

Semi-autos, open-class pumps with any size CA/HPA tanks and/or direct feeds (with hoppers) will not be allowed - absolutely NO exceptions.

Modifications that ARE allowed:
• Guns with direct feed nipples can be equipped with a 90 elbow attached directly to the nipple. A horizontally-mounted feed tube must be mounted directly into the 90 elbow (to prevent excessive "ball stacking")
• Lever changers/slam changers that hold ONE 12-gram
• Stabilizers / regulators
• Maximum 20 round feed tube
• Any length barrel/sized barrels
• Any type of barrel porting
• "Raincovers"
• Pump guns with auto-triggers are allowed because a horizontal feed negates the ability to effectively auto-trigger

Modifications that are NOT allowed:
• 12-gram changers that hold multiple cartridges (AGD 6-packs, ACI turret changers)
• First Strike Rounds
• Spring Feeds
• Mag-fed semi-auto pistols
• Laser sights

Come get some!
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Some People Juggle Geese
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This is much closer than the other stock games. 4hr30mins for me. Count me in!
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VP Ragnastock
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You know Griff and I are in again for the second annual Stockstice event.
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where Unicorns roam free
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See you guys there
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Still a Luddite
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I may be able to make this!


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Chuck E Ducky
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Can’t wait last year was a blast!
Rubber Duckies - Ninja Squad - 518th Brigade - Ragnastock
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I really want to try and make this.
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Will there be camping on site?
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President Ragnastock
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No onsite camping. I’m looking into possible accommodation locations within a reasonable proximity
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Formerly lancecst
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I put in for the day off so I should be able to go.
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