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F2 Illustrator back bottle leak

Anyone come up with a fix? "Replace gun" isn't exactly an option.
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Hey levon whats up bro that gun is a piece of sht, i have the same problem with mine .I found a web site that explained how to fix it, it is very complicated first off you have to use a torch to melt the black epoxy goop holding the back bottle adapter on then you have to fabricate a thin metal gas tube to replace the original. it sits next to my pile o sht automag that i bought new and have never had a reliable day of play with if you want a real gun go for a vm68 that gun is GODS gift to semi users peace
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Unfortunately there is no easy fix for it. My f-2 gave up the ghost last year after a dozen or so years of faithful service - same problem.
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That was probably my doc and I already sent it to him. Yes, it's kind of a PITA and a very difficult design to fix. The manual says it was a factory repair only.

One "easy" fix might be to remove the rear ASA and plug the hole then convert it to a bottomline configuration like some of the F2s had. Not sure if there's enough meat on the body to tap it for the line though. FAST had permanently attached that fitting to the gun.

Here's the v-rex pic. |

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Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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I can fix the problem. the school club ran 8 of these heavily used F-2 rentals for 2 years. I have the problem happento me and I was able to fix it, but I have to do it in shop.

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I have fixed numerious backbottle leaks on these. I just inserted a piece of pneumatic hose off a cocker inside the backbottle asa between the the two parts. There is a small air passage in there. It was a pain to remove the original line, but not impossible. If anybody needs them fixed pm me.
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