Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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From my knowledge, the best way to use the waiver is to make sure, that by signing, they are liable for their own injury when they don't follow field rules issued either in the document, or by a ref before, during, or after a game. This way you can legally boot a player even from a private field by waiving their rights and ALWAYS GET A WITNESS SIGNATURE. People have always done the 'You forged it' thing. Unless you have a business license, your personal reputation won't count for much. Being a Notary is a plus too.

Hope this helps.

Also if the land is public, you can request your local public pass the land into the parks and recreation department. Then have it zoned as a Class 3 weapons range. Non-lethal weapons(I.E. paintball markers and BB guns). Can be used there without any trouble from the law. Then by making requests and offering up volunteer help ,any county can appoint a public official to be in control of the field and maintain it without county intervention, as well as have county support for enforcement of rules like chrono and other things. There's just no way you could legally charge money until further variances are passed.

Hope this helps too. I plan on pushing this soon. I know the sheriff, and he wants to do it so he can do some training, which is a great way to pitch it at a county meeting. It saves them money and time to hand over land and return it to public use for something that might create tourism, as well as reduce facilites need for government use.

Then over time they will begin to set up some way to apply a variance and charge entry to keep themselves afloat, but when it's in a (mostly) democratic process, then the price can be controlled through local voting, and the proceeds can be given to something useful (like education). It makes people happy and might otherwise be a great way to endorse paintball and create profitable tourism.

It makes Outlaw Paintball legal.

This could be useful.

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