Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Originally Posted by Supergyro View Post
Also another thing I use to do but I've been getting better at is bringing cleaning solution for my goggles. I'd always have to borrow someone else's. Not any more!
here is a tip.. not really outlaw or private field specific.. but it took me 20 years to figure it out. hit the dollar store. find something in a one ounce pump spray bottle (example: auto scent) for a buck. take it home, dump out contents, fill w/ 1/2 isopropyl alcohol and 1/2 water. put in gear box - top shelf.
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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
Garbage bags. I make a point of bringing one for my trash and the trash that everyone else is going to "forget" to take with them. Playing outlaw is fine when nobody gives a crap that you are there but the minute you become a nuisance at all is when trouble starts.
Originally Posted by thumper View Post
re: garbage : I try and leave my space cleaner than when I arrived.
Amen! Being raised in a Boy Scouts family...have heard more than enough the old mantra: Leave No Trace.

Originally Posted by M98punk View Post
Some of this is pretty no duh.... I bring a 50 gallon tub of gear when I go to play at a regular field... and that's just for me when I am bringing gear for others it's usually two tubs. I would say that what do you bring other then PB gear.
Usually end up bringing a van-load if it's just my dad and I......hardly such a thing as over prepared. A back-up may be useless until you need it...but when you need it!

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If somebody's got one, one of those 10'x10' fold-up canopies are nice to have. Even better if it has sides.
Originally Posted by TSSOC.Professor View Post
Oh no.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Mark could sew an all-patch mankini... Greg, please change the background color to yellow
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Towels and microfiber cloths. Use them to wipe paint off markers, masks, clothing and your face. Also if you have a bright colored one it can act as a flag in a pinch.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
Originally Posted by CrazyRuskii View Post
I can see it now, a mini van full of priests going 80mph through a suburb blasting metallica....
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5 gallon buck with a lid for CLEANING clean the crap that you just crawled through off of you. and to put the barrel that has a stubbourn break in.


drinking water like everyone else 1 gallon minimium

everything else is just equipment/ gun related...but batteries are one of the most forgttooen things.

and so does everyone else around us...... you hear that beeeeEEEEEP sound and everyone looks at that person.

had one new guy come out in a tshirt and took 4-5 hits on his arms that left welts... umm well you ARE wearing BARE skin and started bitching and moaing about someone shooting WAY hot..... eveeryone chronod right infront of him and NO ONE was over.
he left next game huffing and puffing, he just had a bad attitude about losing.... no one misses him
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Bah I wear t-shirts all the time.. you get welts, but you shake the sand out of your vagina and continue to play
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starts off small at first
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Bug repellant. My favorite...
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duct tape duct tape fixes everything


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Two extras I never forget. Baby wipes they are way better than toilet paper. An extra mask, every so often some kid shows up with ski goggles wanting to play.
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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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