Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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What got me interested at first was how BAD my old field was. It was randomly closed, they had/have problems keeping their compressor running, persistent - major - safety issues, terrible paint - purchased from walmart the same day - and just generally poor management. Waiting 45 minutes between games and playing 'grown up' to make sure the kids didn't shoot each others eyes out in the staging area was getting really old.

What kept me playing outlaw was how friendly, mature and cool the group members turned out to be. It's also great to play with really experienced guys - it's definitely improved my game substantially. It's one thing being a/the top dog on a walk-on field but it's an enitrely different matter to be good against 10-20+ year veterans. Saving money is nice but I would gladly pay as much or more for outlaw outings as I paid at a commercial field.
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something I forgot to mention before, the factors of age as related to behavior...

at fields you can see a wide range of ages, same as with outlaw format. all three larger outlaw groups that I have played with range in age from tweens to mid 50's.

the relation of age to behavior is that at fields I have observed people the same age being grouped together, whereas at outlaw games everyone plays together regardless of age. the advantage of this is that when everyone is more likely to know each other and play with each other more than one day, a culture of acceptable behavior is created and people police themselves better. younger players quickly learn that wiping and temper tantrums are not acceptable, just as older players learn that overshooting or bowling over younger ones isn't either. fields not only cant create a culture such as this, some of them downright wont enforce good player behavior beyond banning only the most dangerous practices while leaving decency out of the equation because they fear those players who wont come back if they are called out on their actions.

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If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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My closest fields are open by appointment only meaning if I don't have enough people committed to come out they don't open. Which sucks. I don't have many people that are able to commit a week in advance to play because we all have work and family commitments that can come up. Another reason is that I just like the attitudes of the players that come out a whole lot better. We don't get the "teams" out looking to prove something and nobody cares if you are shooting a Brass Eagle or an Ego or DM. The players are all there because they want to play paintball.
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I have a Co2 fill station that lasts me for several months, and it's $20 to fill.

I have a chronograph of my own.

I have land of my own that I can play on.

A bag of paint every weekend and $20 every few months it's much cheaper than paying entry, air, paint and having to wait 30 minutes between games.
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The cost. It's a 30 min drive to the closest field, but their paint is outrageously priced. The next closest field is over an hour away, and they have great prices for paint, but I guess you make up for the paint savings with gas money.
I've got a chronograph, I pick up a co2 tank from the welding shop, and 10 minute drive into the country to play in some friend's land, it's a cheap way to play.
Honestly though, I'd pay $10 to play at a nice field. And I get that they've got to make money, but I just cant bring myself to pay for paint that's $75 a case. It's just much more appealing to pick up some cheap paint from the local S-Mart and go play in the woods.
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I play renagade cause that was what I was introduced to. The field is really nice, A few of us have scubas, and take turns filling them. a couple of us have chronos to keep things safe. so i spend $40 at the most for a case a paint to play for the day, usually with some left over. We average about 20 guys every other weekend, some less some more, with ages from 14 to 50, everyone respects each other, so we dont have to enforce rules all the time. It is just a laid back good time, most days someone brings food for the grill, we play from 10-11 to dark most days. It seems like every time we play someone brings a friend who just keeps coming back. I still like to hit up a big game or two at field that is a couple hours drive away.
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First - Better class of people/players. Like minded, good folk, that enjoy and promote fun, sportsmanship, safety and teaching.

Second - The closest thing we had to a home field shut down. Had a season pass and they allowed BYOP on Sundays, so cost was not a big deal. Only 40 minutes from my house too. But as much as I enjoyed playing there, it was always a crapshoot as to the quality of the players and the refs. Some days we'd get lit up by 14 yr olds with ramping Egos who didn't know how to remove their fingers from the triggers and no refs in sight. Some days we just sat around waiting for players or refs to organize games. Now we run the games and have not been disappointed yet.

Third - Safety. You might think I am crazy, but I would sooner put my kid in a local Renegade game than a commercial field game. He will not get overshoot or bonus balled playing with us, he will be encouraged and helped as needed and will learn to be a safe, responsible player.
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I play both. But probably more outlaw. It seems most of the local pumpers play outlaw. Plus theres the after party at Splatttt's featuring meat, funny dogs, great stories and an occasional paintball legend shows up. Now remember what may be a PB legend to me may only be a non legend to you. Just a great bunch of characters around here! Feyd......................
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It's all about friends for me. Outside of my family, I 'hang out' with friends very infrequently, in fact it's closer to never. Soberiety has changed my circle of friends drastically. The guys I work with I never see socially, and other than going to AA meetings, I'm usually home. I look forward to my outings with the people I play with and have met through the 'on-line' paintball community. The group I play with are the best players in the world, and each and every one I consider a part of my extended family. I'd do anything for these people. The low cost of play enables me to be with these people more. The social event during and after the games is unique, and welcomed in my life. We play my favorite kind of Paintball-Pump/Stock in the woods. There are NO attitudes. There is NO cheating. There is a LOT of 'Nice Shot!' It brings me back to when Paintball was in its infancy. Games were monthly. Most places games were 'private' affairs, or a couple 'private' groups playing together. There were no firepower issues as everyone was using a rental. It's what attracted me to Paintball in the first place.
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I play renegade because of the sense of community. While it is the only paintball around here. Even If there was a commerical field I would play renegade. I enjoy the feeling of "ours" I get when we are playing at the local renegade field. It is no ones field and yet it is everyones feild, we all work together to improve paintball around here . Everyone at the field is there because they enjoy playing paintball. I don't think we could have the atmosphere at a commercial feild. Don't get me wrong it is not perfect but there is not much that I would change.
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