Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Why do YOU play renegade?

With all of the commercial paintball fields available, WHY do you play renegade?

(and Ill add up front that there are a lot of great professionally run commercial fields out there - run by great folks. Yall please be nice as you contribute.)
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There are several reasons for me

First there arent many real fields within reasonable distance from me. Yea theres one 20 minutes from me but I dont like it. Everything else is over a hour away minimum. Except a reball place.

Real field: 30$ entry, 60-70$ for paint. Gas as well (1 1/2 hr one way). Then food. Its really easy to drop over 100$ for a day of play.
Outlaw: Paint costs. 20$ (ussually only shot 1/2 a case or less in renegade/outlaw games), air 5-6$, Food is ussaully brought. & gas is a minimum when playingat my cousins 10 mintes from my place.

Travel time.
Real field: As stated I dont like the field close to my house. So its a 1 1/2" hour ride to another field.
Outlaw: Cousins house & field are about 10 minites away. So travel is easy.

Real field: In the past have been obnoxius jerks & overshot all the time. lack of respect for other players.
Outlaw: All friends or friends of friends. Everyone respects everyone. They play to the other players ability. In my case that ussually means slow down & use a non electro.

I find outlaw games with friends have a certain vibe to them that you can rarely get at a real field. They are more relaxed & a much friendlier enviroment.
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For me my actual Home Field ( CPX Sports and they are great sponsors and a great place to play ) is a 7 hour one way drive or a plane ride... Around here in Middle TN where I live we have some nice fields but they are all at least a one hour one way and as stated in the post above I can easliy drop $100 for a day of play... Most time when I am dropping a $100 it's for a 24hrs Scenario Event and I feel I get more bang for the buck than I would with a day of rec play...

The 2 renegade fields that I play at one is a 15 minute drive from the house and the other is a 35 minute drive from the house... We are all pretty close knit and most of us met at a local pay-to-play paintball field that is now closed... We get togehter at least once a month and just have a fun day of slinging paint and hanging out...

We are slowly getting more like minded honorable players to increase the numbers and so far there have been no d-bags at all ( I am sure that BUGNUGLY would ask them to leave and there would be no problems )... If a new players shows up that doesn't have any gear or has never played before everybody always brings extra and and the new player gets hooked up and shown a great time...

I guess its really a more relaxed atmosphere than it would be at a pay-to-play where you can just hang out and chill ( we are still strict on the rules though ) throw in a couple of fun games and talk smack and no one gets bent out of shape about winning or losing because its all about fun...

I hope my post makes somewhat sense and sheds a little light on to why I like to play renegade... If I lived closer to my home field you would probably catch me out there when ever HH6 would let me out of the house to play...

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Control if you will. If you count what I did last year as renegade (it was more than not) it gave me control. It allowed pump only play and every time we played we all ended up using the Phantoms, giving us all identical set ups. By limiting rate of fire I was able to let my daughter play without any concern about her being overshot or hurt by people who took the game too seriously.
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Biggest reason for me is time.

Nearest field is 1hr away, and with everything else going on in our lives the wife and I only have from 3-7 on Sundays to play. Take an hr travel each way out of that and it doesn't make the trip worth it.
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It's all about the participants. We're like one big happy family.
You can't find that any place else, except when we all go to our favorite commercial fields, where the owners fit right in lol.
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Closest real field is an hour 1/2 from my house. They're not super pump friendly.

Cost is definitely a consideration....both cost of field fees but also cost of gas to get there.

Most of the kids that play with us wouldn't go that far anyway, so we feel we're creating community and building paintball players who hopefully stick with it. Along with this I would also say Control as well....because we're creating the games and we generally know everyone that's playing, we're much more willing to tech gear for guys and loan out pumps to guys/kids we know. We can go at our own pace instead of having refs push us or slow us down. We also stress honesty and integrity so much that we literally haven't had issues....ever. They know they just won't be asked back....and that basically means they'll be done playing paintball. We're able to instill values and safety into young players and be intentional about helping them develop as players.

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I like it because I have a pretty good grasp of the people who will show up. If I don't mind a 4-8 player turnout, I know exactly who will be there. With a bigger group we can still be selective as to who we let know when we are having a game. The field doesn't belong to anyone who is in any of my groups, but instead the land is owned by somebody on the east coast. I don't know how they ended up with it because it's enclosed on 3 sides by a rock quarry, so not really commercially valuable. Plus, it's about 1.5 miles off the main road. All of that is good for us and since we have the owner's permission to play there it's pretty much stress-free playing.

I like the group because it's pretty much hopperball. It's probably just over 200' long and maybe 100-125' wide, so there's not really a need for more paint. There's a big hill on about the 30 on one side which comes into play a lot too. There's lots of movement to be had and that's normally what wins a game there.

It's literally 2 streets and 2 miles from my house.

I don't mind my pay field either, just depends on what kind of field my friends and I want to go to.
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There are a few fields that are within a half hour drive of me. I have tried a couple of them out, and honestly they are losley reffed, and over priced. Not to mention the fact that my friends and I ALWAYS get broken up because walk ons will not play against us all together (because we have a lot of gear, not because we are good) We happen to have a friend who is close, and has a nice backyard to play at. He bring co2 fills for some, and we play when we want, how we want. I have no issues with going to courses, and I do go to about 3 a year, but honestly, why spend 50 on a case, and 20 on admission, to have the same fun you can have for 20 bucks with some friends.
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The people. Its more relaxed when everyone knows each other. At my old field every so often we'd have some d-bags who took the game too seriously come out. our style of play is pretty casual and friendly though, and though one of those a-holes left me with a scar that is still on my inner thigh 8 months later from shooting hot, him, and others like him never came back, totally worth the scar .

Cost is a big thing too. I felt much better investing in a scuba tank and buying my own paint than going to a field, esp since the fields I went too were little to no better than any renegade field, so what was I paying for?

Lastly, the one that I always pull out is the sense of independence that I think was (and still is for me anyway) inherent in paintball. That independence is all about getting together with your friends, getting outside, and doing something that most people in our society don't. Those are all things that are at risk with the commercialization of fields IMO.

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