Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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More pictures and a question on post #3.

Now, to get back at MIDWESTHIPPO117 and BIGNUGLY, I am trying to make this field as safe as possable but without taking away from how great of a lay out there already is. That includes the house. It seem to be a solid builing but there are some points that are alittle sketchy. I'll show you what I mean.........

As you can see in that last two pictures. the are a couple problems. In the last one, the lack of roofing over that corner has rotted it out half way down. I can see how this would take away from the soundness of the building, however I think if I were to reinforce it some how it would be trust worthy.
In the second last picture, you can see that the wall has fallen out some. From what I can tell, this wall gives support only at the corner where the two wall join. If I were to simply restack the logs and sure them up with the rest in the wall, I think I sould be fine.

Now, the big question is: would YOU play in it? Even if I were to repair things? Because if its not safe enought to play in then theres not much point in having it. I would tair it down and use the roofing and such for other projects. But keep in mind that the things been there probably since the early 1900's, and is STILL standing.

Ezcreation - Hey there, I'm in Addson which is like 1:20 south of Ottawa. K0E 1A0 if you want to Google map it.

Luckless - The only history we know about the place goes back only about 20 +/- years. I guess there was a family of 10 (8 kids) living in there. After that, the cattle use it for there private toilet.

The chimney is beening held up these by.... well, the chimney. I do intend the knock it out just to be safe thou.

As for building up the field, I want to keed it as natural "looking" as possable. As you'll see in post #3, I have a bunch of fence logs I'll be using. I dont want any junk wood or plastic and sheet metal for bunkers, so I'll have to work with the land and keep it simple but well built.

Thanks all.

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Just seeing your pics from this and the other thread this is my 2 cents:

Well, both the bad corners are on the same wall and also seeing this pic of the inside of it from your post in the other thread:

Since it is the supporting wall for the roof also, I would do one of two things here.

1 - Frame a wall inside the current weak wall to support it and the roof. or

2 - tear the roof off of the house and reinforce the weak wall. (This is what I would choose cause the trusses are probably rotted)

If there is a second floor or an attic above I would definitely tear it down. It may have sat there by itself for years without falling down but add a couple guys running around up there and it could be a recipe for a disaster.

From the looks of those pics that weak wall doesn't look like it has much longer left. Especially if you get a bunch of people running and putting their shoulders into it while running for cover.

You may have already done this but...

I would also tear this section of roof off and fix the wall to the right of the dog:

If it were me, I would take the whole top off and leave only the exterior and interior lower walls standing. Maybe close a couple interior walls in for some CQB action. Definitely take the chimney down.

It's a bit of work but would be pretty cool when it is done.

If you weren't 2.5 hours away from me I'd drop by to have a look and I could give you some better advice. But this is what I think just looking at your pics.
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Remember when taking chimney down you're suppose to start from the top. Sure it goes faster if you start at the bottom, but not nearly as safe. :P

Don't work on something like that alone, have someone standing by at a safe distance for if something shifts and the whole thing comes down on/under you.

I partly agree with Wulf and suggest putting a supporting frame on the inside of the falling wall. However I would try to salvage what I could and put things back in place if possible. But it really depends on hot much rot the whole thing has. (Actually, I might even put a new support structure on all the walls if the wood is overly spongy, but it looks fairly sound from the photos.)

And I also agree with the taking down any upper space. Not only does it reduce critter hiding spaces, but gets rid of any question of "Should I be up there". If it is gone, the answer is easy: You can't.

The key is rebuilding the roof to help things stay dryer, especially in the winter. Keep the eaves as wide as you can to keep as much rain off the walls as you can. You might also want to dig out the dirt around it if it has a foundation, try to keep at least 4 inches, ideally 8, between the dirt and the wood. But if the wood is on the dirt, then it doesn't really matter. Just keep an eye on it, and replace rotten chunks as needed.
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I would play in it. And keep the old cars! There's always a danger of being hurt when you're using scrap cars as bunkers but those old ones are too cool to scrap. Just make sure you've had your tetanus shot.
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i would play on it even if you didnt repair the building just because i couldnt repair it ( im to stupid lol) i just dont you or your buddies to get hurt. if you can fix the attic but either way you need to completly redo the roof, if you want to keep the roofing it has now just but down a new roof and put the old stuff on top of that to keep the old look
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Brass and Wood Fan
Well, I took Wulfs advice and started on the roof today............

As you can see, it's half off. Wulfs right, get a bunch off guys raming around in there might up-set somthing just enough for things to give. To late to go back now. Besides, you know how much sheet metal and wood I pulled off there? Alot, and that'll come in handy for the "other" field I want to work on.

Now the cars, I guess what I could do is just clean them up as best as I can so there arn't any sharp edges or anything like that. The two trees you see in the pictures are actuly growing through the cars, so moving them would be pretty hard.

Also, if there is anyone that wants to take the drive out, I welcome you too. You know what thay say, meny hands make quick work.

Thanks all.

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I grew up not too far from there, Gananoque just south of there. Good job so far keep it up.
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Thing's lucky it scampered off because I would have skulled it to death if I'd managed to get my hands on it.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Well if this ain't a roofless house............

Lot's of left over boards in good shape too.........

OK, so know theres still a bit left to do on the house but I think I should focus on the bunkers now. Tomorrow, I'll try working with those fence logs.

Moosepartol - Intresting! I hear theres an awesome field in Gananoque. Ground zero?

Thanks all.

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Heart of a Sheridan!
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Brass and Wood Fan
No pictures from today, but I threw some bunkers together with those fence poles. I think thay fit in very well with the area and are very solid/sturdy.

More to come on the morrow.

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I live in Missouri. Here, those old log homes, even in that condition often fetch several thousand dollars. An acquaintance of mine has a business where he buys these homes, dismantles them, and reassembles and repairs them. He makes an excellent living.

I don't know about the market where you're at. But if I had that on my property I'd find a buyer. They'd remove the cabin, clean it up, and I'd take the money and frame up a small house to play paintball in. Or a couple of houses.
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