Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Getting your field known, how do/did you do it?

Howdy all,

So I figer about another month and my field will be ready for some action, now I just need to find the people. So what do you/did you guys do when you first started out? There are only two guys I know in my area that say thay want to play, but sadly thay dont have the gear or money.

So should I start with acouple guys first and grow from there. Or hit the local bolton bordes and have to weed out the guys that wont get invited back?

Thanks all.

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I had, still have this same problem. I ask everyone i know, most act interested but when it come down to a day or two until the game people start backing out.

I even built up a collection of loaner guns, tanks and mask to try to accommodate new people (hoping they would enjoy it and be inspired to get their own gear).

I even tried to organize a game here once, could not get enough people to agree on dates.

This is one of the problems of living in a rural area.
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Originally Posted by PAINTBALL GUY 3 View Post
.. So what do you/did you guys do when
you first started out? ..
great question sir.

your biggest challenge isn't building the field, it is building a fun group.

(SC ROADKILL) Way back when we started with a team that played events together .. and then outlaw ball became an good option for practices where we wanted some privacy and freedom to run practice how we saw fit. the fields where we played were secondary considerations to developing the team.
These outlaw fields faded out as this team lost interest and as I grew tired of trying to gather he same old guys to play.

(PPL) A decade later a new batch of ballers I know put together a league of scenario teams to scrimmage periodically. Outlaw fields worked well for this league to avoid having to deal w/ all the novices, costs and constraints of commercial fields. The idea died off as a a few of the teams involved fell apart.

Organizing people to play is a pain. Once the pain begins to out weight the rewards the tenancy is to quit organizing. One suggestion is to consider how to make the "organizing" easy on you. IMO email broadcasts and facebook groups are probably the easiest. picking up the phone and calling everyone isn't bad for a few times - but will eventually wear down the organizer.

possible suggestions:
  • create a facebook group for your group.
  • schedule to gather on a regular basis. (first saturday, every other sunday, etc)
  • take a few pics and share these in the facebook gallery.
  • when people sign in, collect email addys and start an email list.
  • perhaps advertise on craigslist for a while until you put together a good core group.
    *] perhaps schedule a few events a year to take the group to "away games" - to give a bit more purpose to why you play.

As for dbags - make the gatherings invite only and not open to public. If a dbag sneaks through the cracks you can always uninvite them from future gatherings.
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If you have a core group that you play with on a regular basis at a commercial walk-on field start with them. The first couple games might have low attendance, but you can always grow. If you are afraid of growing too big you can always keep the games to invite only.
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I used to run outlaw games on my place before we opened a field. I would have as many as 30 people say they were coming, our biggest turn out was 8. It can be very frustrating. The best I can recommend is to go to some other nearby games and invite those that play like you want to play with. Pick a specific date and time before you go rather then say "we have to play at my place sometime" that never happens.They should be fairly excited to play somewhere new.
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Setting up an Awesome Field, hosting great scenarios, it has grown from there. Our larger games usually draw people from all around Oregon and Washington, 3hr commutes one way for some.
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I've run several outlaw paintball fields, and now an ACTUAL paintball field. One outlaw field was invite only. We had a website, and advertised our location with videos and posted on forums, talked to friends, etc. And it eventually built up. We had the original 20 guys playing there for about 3 years, didn't need any more than that.

You can try advertising on your local craigslist, looking for people to join you. This website,, etc.

Also, check for other outlaw fields in your area, do a google search and maybe invite them out.

Craigslist does bring out the douche-hats. So I would recommend having them send a little information about them. IE: How old they are, how long they have been playing, what kind of gear they own, etc. This will give you a rough idea of who you are dealing with.

Best of luck.
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Some good advice here guys, thank you much. I guess I'll have to figer out the evil FaceBook deal () and see who else is playing around here. I know that there are two fields about an hour ether way from my place (Real deal Paintball and Ground 0) so we'll have to see.

Thanks all.

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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
great question sir.

your biggest challenge isn't building the field, it is building a fun group.
Exactly! Why I would post my games on here. I saw a few others were doing it, so I thought, why not?
Built some of my best ever friendships because of it.
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