Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Another idea is wood or plastic pallets. If you can find a place where they give them away you just drive two poles in the ground and slide the skids over top. Some will give you good protection and some the boards aren't lined up which you can see through but also can get shot. Then at the end of the year you can have a big pallet burning party. I've played on a lot of fields set up like that
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Originally Posted by magman79 View Post
Another idea is wood or plastic pallets.
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We used to play a fun game where you stacked all the haybales in the middle and then you had a minute to build a fort out of as many as your team could grab and then you fought over 3 flags in the middle, got pretty hectic but they were some of the funnest games ive played. Hill Billy Haystacks or something like that it was called.
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I started with a haybale field, we used about 250 bales twice a year. They get icky fast and attract snakes, mice and strangely enough skunks. One of our rules was to warn players about snakes in the snake. It was fun but it wasn't the professional look I wanted for our field. I use Airups now and it would have cost me about the same as the hay. Get a basic field and you can pick up individual pieces as you go. They are the ones who offer the hay bale covers too, but I already have an airball setup now. You go used tires and slab lumber, it doesn't move as easily as an air field which is nice when you're playing and not so nice when you want to change the layout. LMk if you have any questions.
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Us can use bailed pine straw, we also used metal driver post with chicken wire and stuff the pine straw in the middle, lasted 6 months, you may need to add alittle every now and again, pickup a bag of cedar chips and mix it in, keeps alot of pest away and smells good.
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