Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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wood pallets rot and leave alot of nails but go to your quick lube shops or mec shops and some times they will give i 55gal drums so they are not stacking up
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Be careful of tires...they work great, but can be very expensive to dispose of if you ever have to.

Carpet works well when stretched, but it will hold paint, sand, and dirt over time. Which sucks if you are hiding behind it and someone is pelting the other side with paint. This makes all that dried crusty dirt and old paint fly around and choke you out.

Pallets, spools, and other wooden and plastic sheeting works best because it is the most versitile. Watch for old houses being torn down, you can usually save fencing and wall material without much effort and at no cost. Old doors work very well also.

We also used to stake in 4 pieces of tubing or pvc into the ground, and stack downed trees and branches between them, creating the same effect as a pallet. This was cheap and when one wore down we just grabbed more downed limbs (or cut some down to clear other parts of the field.)
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Free old tires, barrels, pallets, and my personal favorite: Dirt.

Dig trenches, build mounds. Makes awesome play.

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Old cement sacks that are hardened work as great bunkers. I bought some from a local lumberyard for less than a good bag as they wouldn't just give them to me. I replaced my dirt filled (and falling apart after 3 years) sand bag bunkers and made another one. Eventually, I'll just buy some new sacks of cheap cement and do the same without worrying about having to play tetris to make the hardened ones fit just right. Also have used barrels, pallets with scrap plywood or other things across some of the openings to make a more solid bunker.
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my favorite bunkers are dug out about 2 feet with the dirt piled up to about 1 foot in front of the hole. Then you can use 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, or 2x12 planks laid on top of that to make the bunker taller.

Carpet stretched between 2 trees has worked well for me too.

Pretty much just scrounge stuff up from dumpsters, garage sales, etc. I used a headboard and footboard from a bed and they worked great.

That's just about all the creative stuff I can think of.

Here's an example of one of the bunkers that I described first. It's dug out about 2 feet deep with about 2 feet of boards stacked up. Each side of the bunker is about 8-10 feet long so this thing can accomodate 2 people. Bunkers like these are tough to build but they really add to any field and I love to play on them.

and a decent load of wood from the dumpster of a small house being built. I took about 3-4 loads of wood from that dumpster that were all this large. Provided enough wood to build plenty of nice bunkers.

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We would use pallets, both wood and plastic. We also used Golf Car tires, carpet, used fence, oil drums, and car hoods.
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Still a favorite of mine are 55 gallon size plastic barrels, the kind used for liquid agricultural products. easy to build permanent and non permanent bunkers with, easy to move around, but they take up lots of space in a truckbed so they take a while to get from farm to the site. my go-to for permanent wood bunkers is spool ends, they are good thick laminated wood which makes em easy to stick to trees, and stick plywood etc on top of (gotta cover up the center holes at least). I would love to find a supplier for the plastic pallets, would be ideal for so much stuff.

Also, wrecked vehicles are fun. they make up some of my favorite bunkers at MRP's City and Carnage fields, and they are easy to get into place if they are still running
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cinder block, sand bags farm implament tires the huge ones school bus's old cars boats old hot tubs
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Satelite dishes are great, especially for a roof!
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Brass and Wood Fan
trees.......if u skinny

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