Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Bunker Materials

Thought this might be a good idea. Suggest what you use for your field. I have nothing to add atm.


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like stuff we use in general?

or like bunker material?
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Brass and Wood Fan
Plywood, scrap lumber, 55 gallon drums, fallen logs, sandbags.

Not really 'my' outlaw field, this was just a small field in a small patch of woods in my neighborhood. I built quite a bit in it, though.
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Pallets and large cable spools. I take the spools apart so i can use both the wooden circles as bunkers
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Our paint comes on the plastic pallets and they make nice weather resistant bunkers.
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I've been getting old and used bunkers from a local field and building frames to attach them to. along with the usual stuff
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Just got these this weekend. Free.


Oh, BTW, they are 4000 a piece new.
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My friends and I made our bunkers out of heavy cloth and PVC pipe. We sewed the cloth like a pillow case and made PVC stands for them. They are easy to set up and break down. The only problem we has was when the wind picked up and we did have big enough legs to keep them on the ground.
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2 liter soda bottle crates built the castle at the hornets nest. Im kinda particular to using the skid steer to move earth around for some trenches and bunkers.

BTW on those tires above, Watch for mosquitoes, tires are perfect breeding ground for them. We throw anti breeding tablets in them every spring.
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i have seen people use old carpet spread between trees..
looks ugly as fck, but it works!

i think the most readily available thing would be regular old pallets
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