Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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our field has does stuff like this for hoildays.

for easter we have an easter egg hunt. everyone starts without any paint and has to find easter eggs hidden across the field full of paint. kinda like a limited paint game with a theme. every one that plays seems to enjoy it.

we did a zombie game on year where one team started with those .50 cal shotguns and tried to get from one end of the field to the other without getting "bit" (we used flag football type flags and when they were both gone you were infected and joined the zombies) also you had to shoot the zombies in the head. it was way fun but really hard

for thanks giving we've done turkeys vs pilgrims and one team tried to get supplies for dinner and the other tried to keep that team from getting dinned. hidden pumkins and gourds and pie tins and stuff like that hidden around. then towards the end of the day the leader of each team would play a best of 3 one v one and get the teams involved cheering and stuff.

we've had bomb games, escort the president, zombies, hunt the sniper, territories, pretty much anything i can think of we've done; juggernaut and to the pain type games are the only ones i don't care for.
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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
Aren't these all the same game?

Originally Posted by The Flounder

I had to report your post

Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
There's a joke there somewhere...
Because that is funny on several levels
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
that's not fair. if they are not smart enough, or have no knowledge of the ramifications of their stupidity, then they should pay the price.
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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
Aren't these all the same game?
Lindsey Lohan: Silly version of president's game.
Hunger Games: Kind of a free for all w/ pacts and spawns, very limited paint.
Zombie : Humans vs infectious zombies.
Walking Dead: The Governor's team vs Rick's team looking for weapons and food in infected zone; and turn into zombie when zombies shoot them.
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"Lindsey Lohan: Headshot's don't count, not much to damage there anyway........"
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I'm probably not the first person to have thought of this one, and have never tried it, but...BATTLE ROYALE! (such a great movie as well)

Thinking of how it might work..

-People would leave a main base in 1-2 minute intervals and get assigned a weapon on their way out (pump, mech or electro and maybe other wild cards like a shield and pistol?). Probably 12+ people would be best

-Upon leaving the base everyone also gets a map of the area divided into zones that they must avoid at certain times. Like in the movie, this is a great tool for increased movement thus forcing people to cross paths and make eliminations or alliances.

-Every man for themselves but you have option to form alliances if desired. And maybe form some type of rule for breaking alliances when the time comes.

-And like in most games, have an overall time limit for the game to end so that everyone has to try to kill quickly and often.

Anyways, just an idea, would likely need some more rules/parameters to work, but it's a start. Love all the other game ideas on here, Hunger Games seems like it has lots of potential.

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These all sound fun, waffles hasnt told me all this
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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
Aren't these all the same game?
Don't be ridiculous.

One of these is themed on a horrible creature that feeds on the brains of the living..

The other two feature zombies.
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With the new season fast approaching, I hope to try some of these games out and share my experiences. If anyone tries any of these formats they should try to make sure they report back with some stories and critiques!

I think if nothing else some of these games would make for a great story, if not a great game of paintball, haha.
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