Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Thus the name "outlaw" ball lololo

- You should tot's go and play anyway. Use field grade paint as it seems to wash off easier with the rain.
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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post
Thus the name "outlaw" ball lololo

- You should tot's go and play anyway. Use field grade paint as it seems to wash off easier with the rain.
Criminal charges and confiscation of all your markers/gear would be a good enough reason not to take this advice...

"Outlaw" doesn't refer to breaking the law so much as it refers to playing a non sanctioned /regulated field..with use of your own rules that don't follow the normal insurance policy guidelines legit fields hae to follow... You can have permission to use land/property and still be playing "outlaw" ball..
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I live around New Orleans and I would love to be able to play at the abandoned six flags theme park. It's been empty since Katrina but all of the rides are still just like they were beforehand. There's tons of videos of the abandoned park on YouTube

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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post
Thus the name "outlaw" ball lololo

- You should tot's go and play anyway. Use field grade paint as it seems to wash off easier with the rain.
Yeah, great advice. You know, there is more to consider here than just getting arrested and having your equipment confiscated when playing on property without permission. Has anyone here considered how the media is going to portray a bunch of paintballers tresspassing on private property and spraying paint everywhere? Rain isn't going to wash off paint on the inside of buildings, so add vandalism to the tresspassing charges. As if the sport of paintball hasn't received enough bad press with players breaking the law with their makers over the years. This is the last thing we need.

Another factor that never seems to be considered when it comes to outlaw is liability. If someone gets hurt, the game organizer isn't the only one whose going to be standing in front of a judge. Depending on the circumstances, it could be all the participants.

If you're going to roll the dice and play on property without permission or proper insurance, then be prepared for consequences far beyond a fine and confiscated equipment.
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We're still taking about this? Wow. Cool

Doc's example is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of this thread. Clearing it with the owner of the property and making sure who you have playing respects the place for what it is, even if it is going to be torn down.

When I first started playing, there was an abandoned sewage treatment plant we had found. Many games were played there. We were young and the town was small so we were able to bend the rules a bit. I think someone got a warning from the police there once and that was it. No charges.

Slim is right however. This is risky business. We don't need any bad press for this sport. The intention was never to encourage trespassing or vandalism, but instead encourage "outlaw" style games with permission of the property owner. There's much more than that to consider when trying to organize something like this.
I met a guy recently who had inherited a piece of property with some abandoned buildings on it and was going to have a party and play there with his friends. I found myself being nostalgic and being a little jealous as well. That can't really be done much anymore unless you own it.

Urban exploring implies a non-organized aspect though. It was just the best description I could think of when trying to find and play some of these places.

Still, the stories here are a good read and fun to think about

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Originally Posted by superfreak View Post
The ren fair town is awesome looking
after reading the link, i'd guess someone has already been there.

"There are towers, a jousting arena, a bar with built-in kegs, and of course the obligatory graffiti and paintball vandalism."
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Originally Posted by GanonsGrin View Post
We used to play in an old farmhouse in the middle of the woods locally. It was two stories with only a wooden ladder leading to the top floor/attic. There were old busted out windows you could shoot from. It was overly awesome. Not to mention the woods surrounding the house too. Never played in anything large scale and abandoned though. That would definitely be awesome.
I miss that place. A lot.

Originally Posted by The Flounder

I had to report your post

Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
There's a joke there somewhere...
Because that is funny on several levels
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
that's not fair. if they are not smart enough, or have no knowledge of the ramifications of their stupidity, then they should pay the price.
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Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
We used to play bushball in/behind Hospital Hill in Northampton before the liberals got their hemp tampons in a twist and decided to kick us out so we wouldn't "ruin" the abandoned creepy mental hospital with our "facist war games" (irony, eh?). I think they tore it down a few years back.
HAHA just read this for the first time. All the buildings have been torn down sadly. The property it's now a disc golf/dog park/running area. Apparently Smith College owns the property and is considering removing certain user groups so they can conduct forestry studies or something along those lines. Such a shame though, with the shallow river and combination of fields, woods and trails it would be perfect for a big game.

To add to the topic though, I once played at a different abandoned mental hospital area in central MA with 4-5 small buildings over a half mile stretch of closed road. It was a blast, with two teams starting at either end of the road, we played capture the flag with the flags being in the two buildings furthest apart. It was always exciting walking down the road not knowing whether the opposition was defending their base or stalking along the sides of the road. I must admit the buildings were a bit sketchy and dangerous though. I believe the area is a wildlife sanctuary now, haven't been there in years.

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Found this old thread today and thought of an additional idea...

Has anyone ever considered playing in a building that is scheduled for demolition? In Huntsville, we had a huge mall that was still in use (not abandoned) but the land was bought by a big developer i think, and they tore the entire mall down to build e new somethingorother (still under construction). I'm kicking myself now at the missed opportunity, because the entire mall was in use up until a few months prior to demolition, so there wouldn't have been the concern of structural safety of the building or broken glass, etc.

Anyway, i bet there are other places around the country where perfectly good buildings are being torn down. One could try to talk the owner of such a property into allowing one big game before it gets torn down. One that came to mind is I think the Georgia Dome in Atlanta is scheduled for demolition...
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Originally Posted by rawbutter View Post
This thread actually reminded me of an abandoned Renaissance Fair near my house. I've tried for years to get permission to play there, but no luck.

Drone Discovers Abandoned Renaissance Faire Deep in Virginia Woods | Roadtrippers
Oh wow! I think I went to this one... years ago.

And crap... necro Lol woops!
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