Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Urban exploring and paintball?

I had an idea while driving by an abandoned hotel the other day; has anyone played paintball in an abandoned building? Just to fuel my strange thoughts, let's say it wasn't trespassing, or vandalism, or anything that could be an offense, would you do it? Have you ever contacted someone about using their building or area?
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Oh hell yeah...I see bldgs and want to go sling it! A school near me is not being used and I want to go rip it! I think playing in "corn mazes" would be fun too!
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We used to play in an old farmhouse in the middle of the woods locally. It was two stories with only a wooden ladder leading to the top floor/attic. There were old busted out windows you could shoot from. It was overly awesome. Not to mention the woods surrounding the house too. Never played in anything large scale and abandoned though. That would definitely be awesome.
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I've played in abandoned buildings. It can be difficult to secure permission, but when you can its a lot of fun.
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Lots of scenario games have been held in decommissioned bunkers and abandoned hospitals and stuff... Should be lots of YouTube videos floating around
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There's an old ammunition factory that we organized a big game inside. There's a 6 part video of it on youtube, and the first thing you see in part 1 is me with my old red autococker
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We used to play in abandoned buildings all the time, back when we were younger and didn't car that much about getting arrested. We got pretty good at looking for places just driving down the road. I still have fond memories of an abandoned fish processing plant, and a cement factory that went under. That place had a couple of acres of nothing but cement forms for bunkers. Oh yeah, and this abandoned junkyard for tractor trailers....
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PRZ seems like a fun place to go, you should check out their website. Its near the Ottawa region, up north here. Its actually an old mental heath complex, with gurneys and all!
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When my church bought land to build on, there were three abandoned houses on the property. Not quite big enough that two teams could play against each other inside, but we would have one team defend the house while another attacked from the outside. Very fun.

The best thing that ever happened, though, was when a local DEA agent found out and asked us if we'd be willing to play terrorist/drug dealer while his FAST teams practiced storming the building. That was awesome. Best day of paintball I've ever played, no contest.
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We used to play in the abandoned buildings of a State Hospital.
Some areas still housed "clients".
One of our team members was an employee who had keys to everything.
Imagine playing in a huge old gothic insane asylum..............yeah, it was THAT good.

The SMG-60's got us kicked, "clients" heard "machine guns" late at night and complained. After a few months the staff did a little investigating and we were found out, and they asked that we cease.
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