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Keeping both, at least for a while. Springfed Traccer sounds entertaining, and needed a good mask for the gf.
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I'm really looking forward to the traccer. I just bought a Revvy to go on it. Going to be interesting using a 68/45 on it the way the tank sticks out the back. It felt fine on my old Maverick, which I know was VERY similar to the Trracer, but I'm not sure how it's going to feel on this new model.
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Originally Posted by WillyW0nka View Post
Now, this is just a hunch, but I feel like for Empire to be willing to GIVE AWAY a truck full of Event masks, they must have something in the works that they need to make room for. Know what I mean?
I have a feeling they just had a lot of trouble burning through these 2009 events (remember, the next years stuff always comes out end of the previous year). I didn't see many people get the new events on the field while the other new masks were plenty around.

From what I saw, Invert Avatars were pretty much the old events without soft ears, yet they worked the same. Old Events worked great and the Avatars, which were known to be practically the same as Old Events but at 70 bucks pricepoint. I saw people in my area use avatars a lot but the 2009 events wasn't that prevalent.
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