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Ohhhh.... PSI, excellent.
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I want folks to show, that while I'm working on new segments, you're ALL invited to participate with the Field 411 segment. If you have a field in mind that was once an awesome venue or continues today, I'd like to hear about. I love my home field, and I want to help you support yours.
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News on Expansion of the Show:

In an effort to develop long-term programming for the show, Warzone Podcast has recently made additions to the show with the philosophy of "A National Reach with a Local Appeal". The first is a scenario-themed segment featuring Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry of Viper Scenario Productions. The monthly segment will provide summaries of recent and upcoming events at venues throughout the country. Coverage will be provided on event story lines as well as a who's who of commanders and other creative talent.

"I'm very excited to be having an opportunity to work with Viper," said Editor-in-Chief Kevin "Kevlar" Quinn. "For all of the scenario personalities I've had on the show, hosting a game producer just makes sense. Kerry has clearly set a standard and continues to raise it after events like Living Legends at CPX. Warzone Podcast will serve as another medium for Viper to present information on his games to the paintball community."

Kerry responded by saying, "I'm always eager to work with motivated individuals in an effort to help players get the best and most current info on our events, and scenario paintball in general. The Warzone Podcast is a great source of useful info and paintball entertainment, and we're pleased to be working with them."

Additionally, the show has partnered with Rennick Miller of Bad Boyz Toyz Pro Shops.

Kevin explained, "I've worked with Rennick Miller over the past few years, and I'm excited to be working with him again. Being a local, paintball franchise, Rennick will be helping me to get quality gear reviews done for the show. Playing local and buying local is paramount in a tight economy, and hopefully this will help us both to continue achieving our goals. Working with Aftershock guys like Nick Slowiak and Chad "YaYa" Bouchez will be a blast."

Finally, the show is happy to be bringing in the "One Woman Army", Sarah "Phoenix" Meehan, as a broadcast partner. "Phoenix has an undeniable passion for paintball and can bring the on-air personality to match," said Kevin. "I'm incredibly excited to work with her and to bring some more variety to the microphone for the audience's enjoyment." The updates will be gradually implemented to the show, which is delivered on a monthly basis

Thank you to our sponsors: CPX Sports, Tippmann Sports, Full Clip USA, Hammerhead Paintball, Metadyne Industries, and VFW Post 6863.
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Episode 13 Now Broadcasting.
This episode features a gear review for a new line of Tippmann woodsball and scenario equipment. Additionally, Bill Bailey returns to the show for a promotion of this year's Panzer Attack. For those interested players that haven't registered MIGHT want to take a listen. Finally, the show's Main Event features none other than Mr. Chris LaSoya!

.., find Warzone Podcast on Facebook!
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So I'm new to all this stuff. What is a POD cast and what equipment do I need to listen to this broadcasting?

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First, thank you for your interest.

Secondly, a the simplest a file form of compressed audio that is stored on a specific server that can be played back over the internet from your computer. They would be either in the form of MP3 (like in your iPod, hence the name) or in WAV files, which are most commonly used in radio since they are easier to manage, edit, and send to people via e-mail.

To listen to it, you simply need the speakers from your computer and the most recent version of Quicktime.
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Bill Bailey's Panzer Attack is coming up, and if anyone had planned to register yet, head to the newest episode to learn how you can get $5 off your registration. This is an awesome game and a definite road-trip worthy event.
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