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As AF jokes go, I liked it. Good hustle!
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I'm waiting for AGD to announce another run of the Sydarm and E-Mags for $200 today.

April Fools
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That was messed up. I was trying to decide if I was going to sell my geo2 or ego11 as I was reading this.
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Cool, it will be interesting to see what the markers look like.
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I just contacted my friend at Eclipse and bought them all. Ill get pics up when they showup.
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This makes me a sad panda.. T.T stupid april...
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They're also going to be all Aurora finished
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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
I would say so. Shocktech's 2009 SFL 'cocker was about the last good production run 'cocker I can think of, and that was 2 years ago. I think even CCM stopped doing 'cockers longer ago than that to focus on Snipers.
CCM stopped making mechs because WGP told them too. They also had to change the bodies up so they couldn't have a front block mounted on them
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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