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Here is a thought on pricing...since it has been asked about. No price has been released, however if you now how the pricing works on CCM guns then a base price is only really a reference point. Unlike mass produced guns you can call up CCM and pretty much get you gun done (built, anno'd, and what not) how you want it, so the cost is really determined on your taste. Same with CCI and Bob Long, you can call them up and get your gun customized and then the price will be dictated by you. As mentioned earlier in the thread the price will be in line with the rest of the guns offered by CCM. The nice thing is here (on MCB) we have a pipline directly to the people who manufacture and build the guns, so any questions you have you can ask them and get a response pretty quick. In addition you get a gun that out of the box is the exact way you want it, and it needs no upgrades or teching. If you can change your own oil you can get the CCM fittings to work without leaks.

The final design has not been shown, granted it probabley won't be too different from what we have seen. Still if you don't like that one try their other models, or a MVP, Sniper or Phantom. Regardless of what you like or don't like support our sport and the companies that provide our gear.
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I like it. I was hoping it would have internal air passages. I hate macro, I spend way too much time replacing fitting orings and putting new macro on. My internal air guns give me no problems (that inludes my old tippmanns).

I will probably still pick one up if it isn't priced too high.
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I seriously want one. I really think that it looks very aggressive. Also, while I love the old Snipers and their look, I like that CCM is doing something different with these. It is very unique looking, and will certainly stand out against the other pumps out there.
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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
Unless I missed it, the final production photos haven't been released. If you don't like the looks, it may still change/have time to grow on you. The J12, there you vultures finally have a timetable

I think this is it...

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I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The marker has been in my hands in Hawaii since September. We have played it almost every weekend. It has been broken down intermittently to look for wear marks. The very nice thing is there continues to be no "wear marks" and no adjustments needed. The wear marks has been something CCM has asked us to look out for. I believe the marker will be the right fit for most people.
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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
I think this pic has me swaying to the pump-side of the force.
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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
I'm glad to see that they married up the snatch part of the frame to the bottom tube.

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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
I'm glad to see that they married up the snatch part of the frame to the bottom tube.
yes much better
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Can't wait until someone puts pneus on it somehow

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