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I'll take one in black/red or black/silver, as long as it's under $800 consider it sold.
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I'd personally prefer a more streamlined, simple milling, but that looks like a great design- and I'm sure people will like the new milling after it grows on them a bit. Just like the J2 series and S6.5, it'll get its following.

Also, I doubt it will be a problem to put a full-size reg on it. It's a completely standard layout, it looks like. They'll probably even make that an option.

...but what's the deal with the grip panels? How are we supposed to use CZ75 Hogues?
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Im not big into pumps but something about this one has caught my eye...dust black please
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Holy mother of god!!!
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I am sure that this is like the other previous prototypes, mini'd for now....but probably not for production....this one is the reason I do not have a 6.5....gut feeling said they are making something soon...that is why they halfed the S6...which is a beautiful gat...but the new girl on the block will be blowing peoples socks off for sure!
Great job CCM....this is why you are #1....never settle and always looking for improvements....we love you guys....and
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Originally Posted by jtusa181 View Post
This. I love everything except the tiny hpr..
I kinda like the tiny HPR. Looks like everything you could want in a minimalist yet open-class sniper platform.

I like pretty much everything I've seen here, but I'm not a fan of 86 frames. I'd love to see what this looks/feels like with a 45 frame.

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almost seems like theyre trying to get more agglets to get into pump with the tiny hpr and the milling. i didnt see the pump at first and i was going to scream in agony.

on a side note, i wouldnt mind being a tester either

im sure that gunll be the next great pump since its from ccm
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Looks a bit like the Freestyle, I like.
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wow. Keeping us on our toes, CCM. Well done.
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good to Mel that is the sexiest thing to come out of CCM! WOW! WANT!
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