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NPPL Pump finals - Chicago 2011

Total Grief takes first
Zero takes second
And Milwaukee takes third
Machine should be in forth as the CPX pro team dropped out of the finals.
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Congrats to Grief!
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It always saddens me to see the Chicago rosters. There are nearly ZERO California teams there.

It is as if they WON'T Travel.

California has become its own league that plays with Hawaii's leagues now and again - but you have to travel to THEM - not the other way around.

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Go TG! Good job boys!
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Originally Posted by grimace View Post
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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
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Way to go greif.
Did they drop a single game all weekend?
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Congrats to Total Grief!
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Total Grief takes first

I didn't know my ex wife was playing as a team.....
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ur my sister
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they were 8-0 on saturday. don't know the final on sunday.
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why did cpx quit?
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Let the non pros have some more props?
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