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PPS Typhoon 30% off

Shelf 3 - Typhoons : Palmers Pursuit Shop, Where Custom Still Means Something

Anybody want a new phoon?
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Want? Yes! Can afford? Not so much

Its pretty cool that they're putting them on sale though, even if I can't buy one right now.
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aww, that silver/purple one caught my just to come up w/ $700......
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It seems like there is a sale every now and then...maybe a couple of times per yr! Great prices!
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Oh, It's him
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I've always wanted the purple one to add to my pps collection.
Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
Brim fall down go boom. Split his head open on a rock. I'm wondering if the rock is ok.
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I always eye'ed the purple each time it came on sale.

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why does this have to happen when I'm behind on my rent?!!!!
ok, I will hopefully get good new on August 2,.........

of course now that I have said that, they will all sell out before I even know if I'll have any cash to work with.....
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I am sure they are great but was curious if they are as cool as say a nice viking in the same price range? I have never shot one
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I have said it before, but I bet you anything that PPS would sell more markers if they features more flattering photographs in larger sizes on their website.

Somehow it's hard to get revved up to drop $700 on a single 150x150 image...YMMV...
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Agreed, the pictures are much to be desired.

They should do these crazy paints to a Hurc, and put a Blazer in a stock. Something to spark interest and sales. The Nickel Pyre is neat.

The old Sqaull with 45 grip and iron sites made me come to there site very often.
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