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Baddog goggle straps for all popular goggles

While living via social networking for the last week, I was informed of this coming up! Looks interesting. I like alot of the patterns.

Baddog proudly presents NexGen goggle straps designed to work-- Whoa! Hold on. Not another one. Bored and maybe a little annoyed by all the lame, self-important press releases in paintball? I know I am. So we're not gonna do that to you like everybody else.
Here's the deal: We at Baddog are introducing a new line of custom goggle straps that will fit all the popular paintball goggle systems available on the market and we hope you'll check them out.
(There's a picture chart of compatible goggles on the front page of our website.) The straps look sweet and work great. They feature a custom weave material, triple wave silicon backing and super secure locking system. (It clings tighter than that slimey alien goo in, you know, the movie 'Alien'.) And comfort is second to none. You know how some straps feel like they're squeezing your head in order to get a good fit? Not ours. They are safe, secure & stylin'. And feel as good as they look.
The kids on PSP New Jersey pro winners Tampa Bay Damage have been wearing them for months. When asked what he thought of his NexGen strap Chad Busiere said, “**** off, old man.” Trust me, that means he really, really likes them. And we're confident you will too. So confident that leading up to World Cup we're offering a limited time introductory discount on all (retail) strap orders.
In the coming months Baddog will be adding lots of new goggle strap designs along with new product lines. Stop by and check us out. Might as well bookmark the page while you're at it.

Don't be a stranger. Drop by anytime. The internet is open 24/7. Baddog Home page

Please direct all dealer inquiries to

Please direct all other inquiries to

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That Clash strap is dope.
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Three drug/alcohol reference straps to two non-drug/alcohol reference straps.

Seriously, is this what we want Paintball to look like?
Drunks in the woods with guns, on drugs?

Remember the demographic these are being marketed to.

Aim a little higher, please.
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I only ever bought 1 strap and it still works great years later.
Is there anything different about these to make them an improvement over any other strap besides fashion purposes? There is no description or explanation on their site.
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If only they made soft ears as well......

Looks cool though
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The Shootist, have you check out other designs? There's plenty others that would fit your requirement.
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Yikes, these designs are horrible.
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I like a few.
There is one in tiger stripe, and 2 different hibiscus patterns. The Rock N Roll one is pretty cool as well.

I am just too cheap to throw away the perfectly good straps on my goggles, so I can be fashionable.
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I realize they are trying to market their logo, but I really do not want a dog on my straps....just my thoughts.
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Hmm, hibiscus. Most likely a purchase in the near future
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