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R7 Electric Pump Hopper Rumor


The little hopper in this photo, the R7 as I believe it's called, now has a website with the same name. Any thoughts?

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Isnt R7 Greg Hastings company? Pretty sure it is. Looks to me like Greg is reopening his business. Ive also heard that the hopper was just a design they came up with.
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Nice job Greg!!

The thing is, this hopper isn't going to just be used by pump players. There are so many guys out there using tac caps and pocket hoppers. Using it as a frontman with 50 round pods in speedball would be a blast.

And how about this:

Name:  r7pumphopper.png
Views: 4929
Size:  39.4 KB

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ooooh electronic 100 rnd hopper!
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Hmmm, lots of neat products have floated around the internet and the paintball community. Hopefully this one will come to into being.
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apoc, you better sue them before they sue you

or just stick to the full name retro 7.

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R7 is the name of Greg's company. I have an R7 pod pack. The hopper has been rumored for a long time and still hasn't seen the light of day.
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when did this website go up?

if this is really happening it would be the first piece of pb equipment that I will have bought new in awhile. just hope its actually happening is all....

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If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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Off topic question but what soft gear set is that in the cover?
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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Any thoughts?
Yeah. Margin rape the homepage much?
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